Tuesday, May 31, 2005

How Many Laws Must a Lawbreaker Break?

Illegal aliens get a pass on countless crimes, starting with their violation of immigration laws.

First, they solicit, hire, conspire with and pay smugglers to assist them in commission of a laundry list of crimes -- that should be prosecuted under RICO. After all, it is organized crime. Some agree to carry contraband, such as marijuana and cocaine, across the border in exchange for a reduced smuggling rate.

After they cross the order illicitly, many commit robbery, burglary, car theft/carjacking, assaults, rape, littering, destruction of private & public property, trespassing on private property & military bases. Don't carry food & water (or money to buy them) -- break into someone's home and take whatever you want. Want transportation? Steal a car.

Then there are the bogus documents they steal, forge, or purchase from thieves and forgers. Use bogus docs to deceive employers, drive without ever learning the rules of the road or obtaining insurance, or evade arrest for assorted felonies and misdemeanors. Add in tax evasion, money laundering, couriering cash across borders. And, oh, by the way, if you murder a cop, hightail it across the border into Mexico because they rarely extradite anyone for anything, but especially object if our laws provide for any possibility of a life-term or death penalty upon conviction.

How many crimes does an illegal alien have to commit before we prosecute?

In Arizona, schools have caught hundreds of Mexican citizens crossing the border every day to attend schools at US taxpayers' expense. They use phone, electric, gas, cable bills or bogus "rent receipts" as "proof of residence," although these children and their parents live in Mexico.

The fraud works this way: one family living in the US (illegally) has another pay their phone bill, a third pays the electric, a fourth pays for cable TV, etc. The residents get all of their utilities paid in exchange for covering up the utility-payers' "residence" fraud. This system is used to enroll kids in US schools for non-resident non-citizens, as well as enroll kids in "more desirable" school districts although the parents do not want to pay taxes in those districts.

In Lukeville, on the Arizona border north of Sonoita, a trailer park owner, Al Gay [interviewed on Lou Dobbs, CNN], gives "rent receipts" to help Mexicans evade the law and evade payment of out-of-district tuition.

The parents and those who help them should be indicted for fraud. They are getting taxpayer-paid benefits to which they are not entitled. They need to make restitution or go to jail for fraud.

Mexican kids can go to school in Mexico. They do have schools there.

Monday, May 30, 2005

In Memoriam

In gratitude to all those who have served our country well, who have sacrificed for the benefit of their fellow citizens, who have paid the high cost of freedom so that we might be free.

May God bless you and keep you and grant you peace.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Counting the Cost - Up Close & Personal

Statistics are buried all over the place on the costs of illegal immigration:

The hundreds of billions of dollars of uncompensated care for illegal aliens in border state hospitals. (No US total exists as yet. Be sure to add a million bucks to any estimate just to treat one Mexican citizen illegally in the US, and driving without a license or insurance, at a Stamford, CT hospital.)

The hundreds of Mexican children residing in Mexico who cross the border daily for "free" education in Arizona schools. Each one's actual cost to state & federal taxpayers for tuition, supplies, bus transport, free breakfast and lunch programs, extra teaching costs for ESL programs, etc. exceeds $10,000.

The local taxpayer-funded "day labor centers" to help unemployed and not-legally-employable illegal aliens get off-the-books (tax-free) jobs, putting US citizens out of work and US temporary help companies out of business.

Clean up costs for illegal aliens' trash strewn across our deserts, parks and military bases.

But some calculations get up close and personal. A rancher along the Arizona border calculates that illegal aliens crossing his ranch have done over $8 million in damages over the past five years. They destroy fences, frighten his cattle, break water pipelines. (KOLD-TV, Tucson, AZ told his story on May 18, 2005.)

Every illegal alien costs us our hard-earned money. There is no excuse for anyone to violate our immigration laws.

Happy Graduation? Good Luck Getting a Job

It's graduation time -- jobhunting season. But the Economic Policy Institute says young college grads (under age 35!) "are facing a tough labor market this year." Real wages for college grads have fallen for three years in a row and continue to decline, as do benefits, including health insurance.

This isn't the first time college grads have faced periods of declining wages. The 1980-82 "double dip" recession kept grads below their 1979 wage peak until 1984. After a steady rise for four years, wages peaked in 1988. It took nearly a decade to get back up there. There was a sharp rise in the late 1990's, but wages have fallen steadily since 2000.

Unemployment rates for college grads have doubled since 2000 (increased 103%). But the numbers of foreign-born college grads has skyrocketed -- triple the rate of increase of US-born grads (24.6% vs. 8.2%). The number of unemployed foreign-born grads is 2-1/2 times greater than it was in 2000. [see Ed Rubenstein's data in his articles for VDare.]

Yet companies continue to import foreign-born labor on H-1b and L-1 visas and grouse loudly about last year's drop in the H-1b visa cap.

The key is demographics. Population bulges are hard to assimilate as they enter the workforce. The Boomers, entering the workforce en masse in the 1970's, glutted the market. Only after the "Baby Bust," born after 1965, began entering the workforce in far fewer numbers did real wages start to rise. But escalating immigration rates, especially from 1990 onward, pressured wages. Once Y2K passed and the Tech Bubble burst, wages and employment rates slid.

Now the Boomlets are coming onstream in full force. Immigration rates have barely hiccupped in a post-9/11 world. Even retiring people at 40 hasn't helped (but that's another story -- to come). The market is glutted with labor at every level from uneducated to Ph.D.

Interesting snippet: official government unemployment figures do not count new grads as "unemployed," or even as being in the labor market. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not count anyone until after they have started working! Take "official" employment/unemployment stats with several grains of salt.

So congratulations to our new graduates. And Good Luck!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Zero Need for Foreign Workers

The US has absolutely no need for foreign workers. We haven't been creating enough jobs for the US-born!

The "Boomlets" (sometimes called "the Baby Boom Echo") are coming onstream into the labor force at rates not seen since their parents swelled the labor force in the 1970's - the years of "stagflation." For this entire decade, we need to create a minimum of two million jobs per year just to maintain a workforce participation rate of 60% (that's just 3/5 of the 18-65 year-olds!). This assumes ZERO immigration for the entire 2001-2010 decade.

Boomers may have had fewer children-per-woman, but in toto, they produced a prospective -- now actual -- workforce increase beyond anything the US has ever been able to absorb. Like their parents, Boomlets are entering grad school, returning home to live off parents ("bounceback kids"), anything to survive while waiting for labor market growth to catch up with them.

Yet of the new jobs created since 2001, most have gone to illegal aliens and "temporary" (H-1b, L-1 visa holders).

The same story is repeated elsewhere. Canada, for example, graduates 14,000 engineers per year and imports a similar number in new immigrants. The Canadian laborforce doesn't create enough new engineering jobs per year to absorb just the Canadian-born new engineering grads.

No wonder college students disdain engineering, IT, sciences, math and more. Only a third of US-born Ph.D. holders ever find jobs in their field which actually require a doctorate. With all the offshoring, temp (read "cheap") foreign workers and similar shananigans announced nearly daily for a decade, no Americans in their right minds want to sit on the sidelines weighted down by massive student-loan debts for jobs that will not materialize.

Over 10 million US-born workers haven't even graduated from high school. Plenty of material for motel maids, restaurant staff, and other low-wage low-skill jobs. They can't survive alone on minimum wage, no less support a child. But wages here continue to fall as they are replaced by tax-evading illegal aliens, who prosper through additional machinations (more to come on that!).

Anyone who claims the US needs a foreign worker is a baldfaced liar.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Child-Rape Suspect Is Illegal Alien

Milagro Cunningham, charged in the rape of an 8-year-old girl in Florida, leaving her for dead in a dumpster, is an illegal alien from the Bahamas. Since his arrival in 2003, he has three burglary arrests and was on probation at the time the girl was abducted. His prior arrest records are sealed because he was charged in juvenile court.

The 17-year-old appears to have entered as an unaccompanied minor on a short-term visitor visa. He had been staying with an aunt and uncle until about 4 months ago, according to the AP report.

There is no excuse for juvenile courts not checking the immigration status of those arrested. He should have been deported long ago.

Better yet, bar unaccompanied minors from entry. Over 5,000 children -- unaccompanied by their parents -- are caught entering the US each year.

Some have been abandoned by their parents for years while they live & work in the US illegally, then hire smugglers to bring the children over, subjecting them to the horrors of smugglers' ill treatment as well as the hazards of illegal border crossing. Worse, parent-child bonds are broken, and all they learn from those parents is that "it's okay to break the law."

Some are trafficked through "intenational adoption" schemes or sold by parents who would rather get $500 than care for a child they didn't want and couldn't afford in the first place.

Some are teens seeking more money than they can earn at home, but they lack both job skills and education for jobs here, as well as being underage and illegal.

Some are brought by wealthy parents, who install them in a house and leave them in the care of servants -- just to get a free secondary education and entre to US universities.

The only way to stop child trafficking, child abandonment, child sales is to bar their entry. Hand them over to their consular authorities for repatriation and reunite them with parents or relatives.

It is utterly barbaric to take children out of their familiar countries, cultures, languages, friends and classmates, and dump them in a foreign land. Send them home. And by the way, other countries will be forced to step up to the plate and improve their child welfare systems, rather than dumping their responsibilities on the kind-but-misguided hearts of some Americans who make excuses for bad behavior.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Diversity Visa Lottery Strikes Again

Nearly 100,00 applicants for the Diversity Visa Lottery have been notified that they can apply for immigrant visas. They only need to prove high school graduation or equivalent plus two years of work experience within the past five years in an occupation which requires two years of training or experience. The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services will issue 50,000 visas to those completing the application & interview process. Heads of households apply for their entire family.

Here are some troubling results: Nigeria (renowned for extensive fraud & organized crime rings, as well as Muslim persecution of non-Muslims) - 6,725; Egypt (home of the Muslim Brotherhood) - 6,070; Algeria - 1,489; Saudi Arabia - 30; Yemen - 40; Somalia - 364.

Remember the shoot-out at the El Al counter at Los Angeles International Airport? His wife was a diversity visa lottery winner, which canceled out this illegal alien's deportation order.

The Visa Lottery is about the dumbest idea ever spawned by Congress. People with no ties to the U.S., no jobs, no proof they have any sort of skills necessary to survive (no less prosper) in the U.S., and no ability to meet normal immigration requirements get to gamble for a prize. Those already here illegally get their deportation orders canceled.

Is U.S. citizenship something we still value when we give it away in a lottery to people who are otherwise ineligible to immigrate?

The Lottery should be eliminated before the next application process is announced in August. We already have the world's most liberal immigration policies and extremely high rates of immigration without it.

[data from http://travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/types/types_1317.html]

Monday, May 23, 2005

Forthcoming Book: Protect Your Child's ID

I've been reading pre-publication copy of a book, Protect Your Child's Identity, by Juli Ann Weber. With the incidence of child identity theft skyrocketing, this is vital info for every parent.

Perhaps you saw the recent story on CNN of parents in NYC who discovered their 3-week-old baby had his identity stolen before they even received their newborn's original birth certificate and Social Security card.

A child's identity is highly prized by illegal aliens, terrorists and assorted criminals because it usually takes a decade or two to uncover the theft. Just two years ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimated the incidence of child identity theft at 20,000 a year. Latest estimate for 2004 is up to 500,000!

The author published an article in Parenting magazine a couple of years ago. The new book updates and greatly expands her unique advice for parents.

The e-book version is scheduled for release in June. I'll post more details as they become available.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fox Owes US an Apology

El Presidente Vicente Fox has insulted Americans once again with his racist comment that Mexican immigration-law violators "take jobs even Blacks won't do." Once again, he asserts that Mexican lawbreakers are better than lazy Americans, and performing some great service for the US by breaking our laws.

Fox repeatedly interferes with US law enforcement, and repeatedly demands more privileges for Mexican citizens in the US. He and his henchmen aid and abet illegal immigration by publishing guidebooks on how to evade US law enforcement. The Mexican government demands driver's licenses for illegals, lobby for acceptance of the matricula consular as "valid ID," demand lower transmittal fees so Mexicans can remit more funds into Mexico. Worse, Mexico refuses to extradite criminal suspects to face the music in American courts.

Basically, Mexico is out to rob us blind.

It is time to stop "negotiating" or "making nice" with Mexico and starting standing up to them. If Americans visiting Mexico are subject to Mexican law, then Mexicans must likewise be subject to US laws while in the US. No excuses. No skipping across the border to evade prosecution for crimes -- hand 'em over! Mexicans must pay their own way here -- if they need medical care and claim inability to pay, their consulate must arrange payment from their relatives back home and repatriate the patient for any continuing care (this is the same mechanism as for Americans abroad who require emergency medical care).

Meanwhile, to protest the tens of billions of dollars Mexico and Mexicans cost American citizens, I'm not buying any "Made in Mexico" products. Enough already -- my wallet closed to further assaults. The Mexican Embassy has been duly informed via their website.

Who else has the gumption to tell Mexico "hands off my wallet?"