Sunday, May 29, 2005

Counting the Cost - Up Close & Personal

Statistics are buried all over the place on the costs of illegal immigration:

The hundreds of billions of dollars of uncompensated care for illegal aliens in border state hospitals. (No US total exists as yet. Be sure to add a million bucks to any estimate just to treat one Mexican citizen illegally in the US, and driving without a license or insurance, at a Stamford, CT hospital.)

The hundreds of Mexican children residing in Mexico who cross the border daily for "free" education in Arizona schools. Each one's actual cost to state & federal taxpayers for tuition, supplies, bus transport, free breakfast and lunch programs, extra teaching costs for ESL programs, etc. exceeds $10,000.

The local taxpayer-funded "day labor centers" to help unemployed and not-legally-employable illegal aliens get off-the-books (tax-free) jobs, putting US citizens out of work and US temporary help companies out of business.

Clean up costs for illegal aliens' trash strewn across our deserts, parks and military bases.

But some calculations get up close and personal. A rancher along the Arizona border calculates that illegal aliens crossing his ranch have done over $8 million in damages over the past five years. They destroy fences, frighten his cattle, break water pipelines. (KOLD-TV, Tucson, AZ told his story on May 18, 2005.)

Every illegal alien costs us our hard-earned money. There is no excuse for anyone to violate our immigration laws.


Blogger J.W. Koebel said...

I signed up for a Blogger account just to post on your blog, even though I already own a blog at

I just added you to my "links" because I agree so much with what you're talking about.

I'm all for immigration. Legal immigration, that is. America is a nation of immigrants, and we can draw creativity from diversity. Illegal immigrants, however, do not contribute at all to our cultural diversity, while contributing significantly to our tax burden and crime rate.

The Minuteman Project should have had significantly more legal authority to use force to repel illegals crossing the border and their human smugglers. Violent clashes between the protectors of our freedom and the parasites attempting to invade it would have brought a lot of attention to the issue, and possibly even resulted in something being done about it.

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