Thursday, May 26, 2005

Diversity Visa Lottery Strikes Again

Nearly 100,00 applicants for the Diversity Visa Lottery have been notified that they can apply for immigrant visas. They only need to prove high school graduation or equivalent plus two years of work experience within the past five years in an occupation which requires two years of training or experience. The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services will issue 50,000 visas to those completing the application & interview process. Heads of households apply for their entire family.

Here are some troubling results: Nigeria (renowned for extensive fraud & organized crime rings, as well as Muslim persecution of non-Muslims) - 6,725; Egypt (home of the Muslim Brotherhood) - 6,070; Algeria - 1,489; Saudi Arabia - 30; Yemen - 40; Somalia - 364.

Remember the shoot-out at the El Al counter at Los Angeles International Airport? His wife was a diversity visa lottery winner, which canceled out this illegal alien's deportation order.

The Visa Lottery is about the dumbest idea ever spawned by Congress. People with no ties to the U.S., no jobs, no proof they have any sort of skills necessary to survive (no less prosper) in the U.S., and no ability to meet normal immigration requirements get to gamble for a prize. Those already here illegally get their deportation orders canceled.

Is U.S. citizenship something we still value when we give it away in a lottery to people who are otherwise ineligible to immigrate?

The Lottery should be eliminated before the next application process is announced in August. We already have the world's most liberal immigration policies and extremely high rates of immigration without it.

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