Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fox Owes US an Apology

El Presidente Vicente Fox has insulted Americans once again with his racist comment that Mexican immigration-law violators "take jobs even Blacks won't do." Once again, he asserts that Mexican lawbreakers are better than lazy Americans, and performing some great service for the US by breaking our laws.

Fox repeatedly interferes with US law enforcement, and repeatedly demands more privileges for Mexican citizens in the US. He and his henchmen aid and abet illegal immigration by publishing guidebooks on how to evade US law enforcement. The Mexican government demands driver's licenses for illegals, lobby for acceptance of the matricula consular as "valid ID," demand lower transmittal fees so Mexicans can remit more funds into Mexico. Worse, Mexico refuses to extradite criminal suspects to face the music in American courts.

Basically, Mexico is out to rob us blind.

It is time to stop "negotiating" or "making nice" with Mexico and starting standing up to them. If Americans visiting Mexico are subject to Mexican law, then Mexicans must likewise be subject to US laws while in the US. No excuses. No skipping across the border to evade prosecution for crimes -- hand 'em over! Mexicans must pay their own way here -- if they need medical care and claim inability to pay, their consulate must arrange payment from their relatives back home and repatriate the patient for any continuing care (this is the same mechanism as for Americans abroad who require emergency medical care).

Meanwhile, to protest the tens of billions of dollars Mexico and Mexicans cost American citizens, I'm not buying any "Made in Mexico" products. Enough already -- my wallet closed to further assaults. The Mexican Embassy has been duly informed via their website.

Who else has the gumption to tell Mexico "hands off my wallet?"


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