Tuesday, May 31, 2005

How Many Laws Must a Lawbreaker Break?

Illegal aliens get a pass on countless crimes, starting with their violation of immigration laws.

First, they solicit, hire, conspire with and pay smugglers to assist them in commission of a laundry list of crimes -- that should be prosecuted under RICO. After all, it is organized crime. Some agree to carry contraband, such as marijuana and cocaine, across the border in exchange for a reduced smuggling rate.

After they cross the order illicitly, many commit robbery, burglary, car theft/carjacking, assaults, rape, littering, destruction of private & public property, trespassing on private property & military bases. Don't carry food & water (or money to buy them) -- break into someone's home and take whatever you want. Want transportation? Steal a car.

Then there are the bogus documents they steal, forge, or purchase from thieves and forgers. Use bogus docs to deceive employers, drive without ever learning the rules of the road or obtaining insurance, or evade arrest for assorted felonies and misdemeanors. Add in tax evasion, money laundering, couriering cash across borders. And, oh, by the way, if you murder a cop, hightail it across the border into Mexico because they rarely extradite anyone for anything, but especially object if our laws provide for any possibility of a life-term or death penalty upon conviction.

How many crimes does an illegal alien have to commit before we prosecute?

In Arizona, schools have caught hundreds of Mexican citizens crossing the border every day to attend schools at US taxpayers' expense. They use phone, electric, gas, cable bills or bogus "rent receipts" as "proof of residence," although these children and their parents live in Mexico.

The fraud works this way: one family living in the US (illegally) has another pay their phone bill, a third pays the electric, a fourth pays for cable TV, etc. The residents get all of their utilities paid in exchange for covering up the utility-payers' "residence" fraud. This system is used to enroll kids in US schools for non-resident non-citizens, as well as enroll kids in "more desirable" school districts although the parents do not want to pay taxes in those districts.

In Lukeville, on the Arizona border north of Sonoita, a trailer park owner, Al Gay [interviewed on Lou Dobbs, CNN], gives "rent receipts" to help Mexicans evade the law and evade payment of out-of-district tuition.

The parents and those who help them should be indicted for fraud. They are getting taxpayer-paid benefits to which they are not entitled. They need to make restitution or go to jail for fraud.

Mexican kids can go to school in Mexico. They do have schools there.


Blogger J.W. Koebel said...

I think the Mexicans do it on purpose, to hurt us.

They think we've stolen their land for some reason, even though it was won or purchased fairly hundreds of years ago.

It's not our fault they just can't establish much of a culture or society of their own in Mexico, so they have to invade and attempt to take over ours.

However, they don't realize that if they *do* take over the American Southwest, they'll just turn it into Mexico again -- it won't be any better.

A non-corrupt government would go a long way if making Mexican society a worthwhile society to live in.

8:46 AM  

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