Saturday, May 28, 2005

Zero Need for Foreign Workers

The US has absolutely no need for foreign workers. We haven't been creating enough jobs for the US-born!

The "Boomlets" (sometimes called "the Baby Boom Echo") are coming onstream into the labor force at rates not seen since their parents swelled the labor force in the 1970's - the years of "stagflation." For this entire decade, we need to create a minimum of two million jobs per year just to maintain a workforce participation rate of 60% (that's just 3/5 of the 18-65 year-olds!). This assumes ZERO immigration for the entire 2001-2010 decade.

Boomers may have had fewer children-per-woman, but in toto, they produced a prospective -- now actual -- workforce increase beyond anything the US has ever been able to absorb. Like their parents, Boomlets are entering grad school, returning home to live off parents ("bounceback kids"), anything to survive while waiting for labor market growth to catch up with them.

Yet of the new jobs created since 2001, most have gone to illegal aliens and "temporary" (H-1b, L-1 visa holders).

The same story is repeated elsewhere. Canada, for example, graduates 14,000 engineers per year and imports a similar number in new immigrants. The Canadian laborforce doesn't create enough new engineering jobs per year to absorb just the Canadian-born new engineering grads.

No wonder college students disdain engineering, IT, sciences, math and more. Only a third of US-born Ph.D. holders ever find jobs in their field which actually require a doctorate. With all the offshoring, temp (read "cheap") foreign workers and similar shananigans announced nearly daily for a decade, no Americans in their right minds want to sit on the sidelines weighted down by massive student-loan debts for jobs that will not materialize.

Over 10 million US-born workers haven't even graduated from high school. Plenty of material for motel maids, restaurant staff, and other low-wage low-skill jobs. They can't survive alone on minimum wage, no less support a child. But wages here continue to fall as they are replaced by tax-evading illegal aliens, who prosper through additional machinations (more to come on that!).

Anyone who claims the US needs a foreign worker is a baldfaced liar.


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