Monday, June 27, 2005

Beaten Girl Removed From Home

The muslim girl beaten by her brother until her back was broken has been temporarily removed from her parents' home by the courts. She was beaten April 29 after her brother saw her talking to a Catholic boy.

"Engy Abdelmomen, 15, will live with an aunt while she and her parents undergo psychological examinations to determine if she is safe in her family home, Oakland County Family Court Judge Joan Young ruled Thursday," according to the Detroit Free Press.

The judge will decide on August 12th whether she will return to her family home. Meanwhile, her 21-year-old brother has been ordered to have no contact with her. He is scheduled to appear in court on assault charges on July 13.

The Abdelmomens are from Egypt and do not speak English. The parents spoke through and Arabic translator to plead "no contest" in the court proceedings. They are accused of medical neglect for failing to promptly seek medical attention for their seriously injured daughter.

Sending the girl to her aunt temporarily really provides this girl with no safety. And having her testify with the parents standing beside her is no way to elicit truthful, accurate answers. If she did not say what her parents wanted her to say, she could have been beaten again - or worse. This judge clearly lacked an understanding of what is going on here as well as a good dose of plain old common sense.

Honor killings and attempted honor killings are "cultural traditions" (more accurately here, islamic dictates) that are totally unacceptable in this culture. People who wish to live in this country need to respect our laws and our culture. And judges need clear understanding of the dictates of islam if they are to protect children from such abuses.

How to Live on $7/Hr. -- #4

Illegal aliens can live very well at American citizens' expense, so well that they can siphon off an average of $10,000 per adult per year in the remittances they send offshore.

Welfare is a lucrative game. Having a baby in the U.S. is any illegal alien's ticket to income for life. If a baby is born in the U.S., state social services departments will pay the hospital bill for having it, cash money to any claimant "on its behalf," medicaid, food stamps, WIC food coupons and more.

It isn't even necessary to have a child.

Take a page straight out of The Day of the Jackal. I went to the Los Angeles County Hall of Records in downtown La-La Land. Other than two clerks, I was the only American in there. After "signing in" with an illegible scrawl, I was admitted to the computers where all LA County birth and death records are stored. While I wandered around waiting for an available computer, I glanced at the screens called up by the Hispanic men busily searching the records. They would search death records until they found one for a child, write down the Social Security number, then call up the birth record. In the hour I was there, I observed 17 Hispanic men purchase birth certificates, which I then verified were for dead babies.

As I left, I saw one of the buyers meet two women with a herd of young children. They picked a child of roughtly "the right age." I followed the woman, carrying the freshly purchased birth certificate and a scrap of paper containing the SSN from the death certificate, all the way to the Department of Public Social Services on South Grand Avenue.

Many so-called "anchor babies" are, in fact, identity-theft babies. Either way, a parent can live off his or her child for years to come.

China's Perfidy

China's government owned petroleum company has offered $18 billion for a major U.S. oil company, Unocal. This move is part and parcel of China's military build-up. They have been beefing up their military and making massive purchases of potential war materiel, such as scrap metal. All under the guise of "modernizing" and "economic development" for the Chinese.

Unocal would provide lots of ammunition for China's military: oil and gas reserves in the U.S. (including the North Slope of Alaska) and Asia; "rare earths" and the related technology used in cellular communications, as well as having critical military applications; control over oil & gas pipelines in the U.S.; technology for deep sea drilling and extreme-cold drilling.

Every aspect of this deal has directly applicable military uses.

China promises that U.S.-origin oil & gas reserves will be sold within the U.S. China's promises are never worth the breath to utter them. Ask anyone in Hong Kong, where the promises in 1997 treaty to preserve Hong Kong's institutions unchanged for 50 years did not last 50 days. China promised to sign on to international conventions protecting intellectual property when Pres. Clinton gave them Most Favored Nation (MFN) status. China remains the world's largest pirate and refuses to sign intellectual property protection conventions.

Honesty is not one of the traditional Chinese "Five Virtues." No promise can be believed, no less relied upon. U.S. oil and gas is going to feed China's military machine, not fuel cars for a billion-and-a-half Chinese.

The so-called "Maoist rebels" which have been causing havoc in Nepal for several years now are China-led. Basically, China is "doing another Tibet."

China fully intends to take over Taiwan, Nepal, and other areas. They see the U.S. under attack by islamic terrorists, and while we're busy defending ourselves from terrorists at home and in their spawning & training grounds, they see an opportunity to take over Nepal and Taiwan.

Their Unocal bid must be stopped. They already bought a division of IBM which has military benefits for China. They have already installed a fifth column here numbering in the millions: "students," "business people," scientists, engineers, computer experts, and illegal aliens -- spies and agents-in-place. We must stop giving away the store.

Suspend MFN and Chinese imports until they fulfill all of their agreements, such as protecting intellectual property. Be prepared to defend against Chinese aggression. The only thing that will keep China on a leash is bold preparedness.

And the first step in being forearmed is being forewarned. China is not our friend. China is not a reliable trading partner. China is not becoming a capitalistic or democratic society. China is not honest, and not trustworthy. China is no friend -- of the U.S. or its friends.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Prosecute the Real Criminals

Susana Jose, 18, who was smuggled into the U.S. from Guatemala in March of this year, hanged herself from a mango tree June 20th at her parents Boynton Beach, Florida, home. The smugglers, Regino Sanchez and Ricardo Jose Contreras, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and transporting 17 illegal aliens, including Susana. They face up to 20 years in prison.

Conspiracy? Yes, but consider who was behind this conspiracy to violate immigration and other laws: Susana's parents.

Ana Miquel and Mateo Jose left their oldest daughter behind in Guatemala years ago when they illegally entered the U.S. They had eight more children here in the U.S., the oldest now 16. After all these years, they solicited and hired smugglers to illegally transport Susana through Mexico and across the U.S. border. They paid traffickers $2,756 to smuggle her into the U.S. and agreed to pay another $2,500 for her transport from the border to Lantana, FL.

When they claimed couldn't pay the balance as agreed at a Lantana mall, the smugglers drove off with Susana. Miguel Jose called the police and falsely claimed his daughter had been kidnapped. His story quickly unraveled.

Ana Miquel and Mateo Jose are the perpetrators of the most heinous crimes here. They are the ones who abandoned their child for most of her life. They illegally entered the U.S. They solicited, hired, conspired with and paid members of an organized crime ring to smuggle their daughter into the U.S. They knowingly subjected their daughter to the dangers of an illegal border crossing in the company of people they knew to be criminals. They agreed that, if the smugglers successfully got the girl into the States, they would then pay an additional sum for her illegal transport across the U.S. They filed a false police report when they failed to pay the accomplices they hired to help them commit multiple crimes.

Prosecute all the criminals involved in this case. Those smugglers were solicited, hired and paid by the criminal masterminds behind this smuggling. The parents should be charged under RICO for criminal conspiracy with people they knew to be members of an organized crime ring. They should be charged with child abandonment for leaving their child. They should be charged with reckless endangerment for intentionally putting her in harm's way in the hands of criminals. They should be charged with filing a false police report when they claimed their daughter had been "kidnapped." They should be charged for their initial crime of illegally entering the U.S. themselves -- and should have been convicted and deported before they committed such additional crimes against their own child.

Yes, the smugglers deserve 20 years for their crimes. But so do the parents who would so cruelly treat their child. Charge them, convict them, and deport them.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Sister Ping" Convicted of Smuggling

When I was a foreign correspondent based in Hong Kong, Chinese Triads announced their plan to smuggle thousands of their members into the U.S. via ship. We correspondents laughed, totally disbelieving that Triads could purchase ships and smuggle their members and relatives into the U.S. by the shipload. Surely the Coast Guard and Border Patrol would catch them.

The joke was on us. We stopped laughing in June, 1993, when the Golden Venture ran aground off Rockaway Beach, Long Island, and disgorged hundreds of Triad members onto U.S. shores. Instead of catching and deporting everyone aboard, dim Americans bemoaned the ten illegal aliens who drowned in the commission of their crime.

Twelve years later, one of the organizers of the Golden Venture and other smuggling operations has finally been convicted. Cheng Chui Ping, often called "Sister Ping," was convicted of human smuggling, conspiracy and money laundering, among other charges. She became a multi-millionaire from smuggling untold thousands of Chinese into New York at fees of $40,000 a head and more.

Human smuggling is run by organized crime. Anyone who solicits, hires and pays a smuggler must have contacts and connections to organized crime rings. Together, they conspire to commit one or more of a variety of crimes: smuggling humans and, often enough, additional contraband; identity theft and fraud; forgery of identification, credit cards, other documents and financial instruments; carjacking; robbery/burglary; car theft; ad infinitum.

Illegal immigration will stop when we prosecute not just the smugglers, but those who hire and conspire with them. Use RICO. It's appropriate and effective.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Beaten Girl's Parents May Lose Parental Rights

The Oakland County (MI) Prosecutor's Office is seeking to permanently end parental rights of the parents of a 15-year-old girl whose back was broken by her older brother. Police say they neglected to seek medical help for the girl, allegedly beaten because of her relationship with a non-muslim boy.

The brother, Ahmad Abdelmomen, 21, is free on bond pending the July 13 preliminary hearing for alleged aggravated assault in the April 29 beating. The Detroit News reports the Oakland County assistant prosecuting attorney in charge of the case as saying that the parents condoned the "punishment." []

Honor killings and beatings of girls and women suspected of relationships with non-muslim men are rampant throughout muslim countries. A number of recent cases have been reported out of Pakistan, for example.

Such brutality is not acceptable here. I'll be watching to see if the parents lose custody and the older brother is convicted.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

End Neighborhood Nuisances

When I lived in a studio apartment in Pasadena, my next-door neighbor was a Hispanic working for a lawnmowing service. Within six weeks of moving in, this illegal alien smuggled in his wife, year-old daughter and infant son. When the landlord learned four people were living in the one-room (plus kitchette and bath) studio, he tried to evict them: his occupancy license, Pasadena ordinances and state Housing Code permitted a maximum of two people. He could lose his occupancy permit, but couldn't evict the family as long as they paid rent.

Six months later, there were five, including three children under age two. When the new baby wailed, the other two woke up and screamed. The landlord's water bills skyrocketed: residents of that one unit used more water than the other seven units combined. The wife was washing diapers for three kids in the kitchen sink along with the rest of the family laundry. Noise drove two tenants to break their leases: the landlord had to re-paint and re-carpet the units, less than a year since the previous painting & carpeting, before he could re-rent them (state law).

The landlord calculated that family cost him $3000 a month. To mention a few of the more costly items during one month: costs of irate tenants leaving and re-renting the units; water/sewer bills; repeated plumbing service calls (diaper flushed down toilet plus backed up kitchen sink from diaper-doo were two calls in one week); Health Department fines when lawnmower man's broken truck full of refuse attracted rats, plus the costs of getting the truck cited and removed, and rodent extermination; a broken window (and frame!) from lawnmower-man's botched attempt to install an air conditioner.

Illegal aliens often deceive honest landlords. One person or a couple rent a unit, then smuggle in additional friends and family members. Overcrowding, noise, congested parking, public health issues are a few obvious consequences.

Some landlords, often illegal aliens or "legalized" illegal entrants, violate housing ordinances and intentionally bring in hordes of illegal aliens for profit. They may be smugglers running a "safe house" where recent entrants are housed until they pay the second phase of their smuggling fee. Or they may illegally "convert" a house into a boarding house where dozens of people pay miniscule monthly rents that amount to a whopping total.

Suffolk County (Long Island) Police shut down one such house yesterday in Farmingdale. Owner Rosalina Dias has been charged with criminal contempt and criminal nuisance for allegedly violating a court order barring her from renting the house. It has taken over two years since a fire in the 900 square-foot house led firemen to discover numerous violations of fire, health and housing codes. Investigators have counted as many as 64 men, paying rent of $200 - 250 per month per person, living in the two-bedroom house.

Newsday's headline bemoans "Dozens of Men Now Left With Nowhere to Go." [] Evicted residents readily admitted to the Newsday interviewer that they illegally entered the U.S. So they can go home to their own countries.

Monday, June 20, 2005

How to Live on $7/Hour #3

How do illegal aliens live so well on "so little" that they can squirrel away an average of $10,000 per person per year in offshore remittances?

Don't pay rent.

When a new retail/apartment building went up across the street from me last summer, two of my construction-worker neighbors tried to get jobs on the site. One had a decade's experience as a roofer, the other was a union carpenter with superviory experience as well. Neither could get jobs -- at all, no less at their previous rate of about $16/hour. At that rate, half their take-home pay would barely cover rent on an efficiency apartment (the cheapest place in town).

But after quitting time, the Hispanic workforce (all illegals with no experience and fake IDs) would walk to Taco Bell, hang out till dark, endlessly refilling their sodas at the dispenser, then walk back to the construction site. They slept on site, once the boss was not around to notice. At dawn, you could see them urinating behind the framing (despite the requisite Porta-Pot on site), gathering their things and stashing them in bushes behind the building-under-construction.

No wonder their boss remarked that he had "a hard-working crew, always on the job before I get here." Of course, if the boss left the site during the day, they pulled their blankets out of the bushes again for siesta.

Other rent evasion tactics:

1. One person rents a small apartment, then -- unbeknownst to the landlord and in violation of lease and occupancy laws -- bring in friends and family members to split the rent among six to twelve workers.

2. Let friends and family members use your address to register their kids in school without actually residing in the district. One pays the phone bill, another the gas, the third pays electric, and so on for cable, etc. All utilities paid without any payers actually residing there.

3. Illegally "sublet" rooms within the apartment: subletting two bedrooms to two families should just about cover the rent on a two-bedroom apartment while your own family sleeps in the living room. If you rent a house, sublet the garage and basement as well as well as the bedrooms.

4. Many homeless shelters do not require any proof of legal presence, identity, former address, or anything else. Claim homelessness and stay free. Some shelters are limited to 30 or 60 days, but a couple of shelters will get one through the winter.

5. Scream "discrimination" and file suit against the landlord through Legal Aid or with any "fair housing," "human rights," or similar state or local agency. You not only get several months' free housing from the landlord you sue, but likely will get a cash settlement in addition.

One Hispanic woman who illegally moved into a condo without approval or lease from the owner demanded $30,000 cash in addition to four months' free rent, claiming he "discriminated" against her because she had several pre-school children. He never met the woman before she moved into his vacant, advertised unit, never received a rental application or credit check or deposit or rent!

6. Know your "rights" under local landlord-tenant law. In many states it can take six months or more to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent. Once you cough up first & last month's rent and security deposit, you could be home free for six to twelve months before you have to move.

7. Find a local charity that provides "emergency" housing funds to cover first and last month's rent on an apartment.

8. Have a car? Live in it. Park in a residential area where some tenants park on the street. When traveling, stop at highway rest areas for several hours for sleeping near convenient rest rooms and drinking fountain.

9. Squat. There are "tent cities," "homeless encampments," derelict buildings, trailer parks, and the like from one end of the country to the other. As a last resort, camp out under an overpass.

While the number of American citizens who are spending half of their monthly income on housing has risen 42%, illegal aliens live rent-free, or close to it -- mostly at others' expense.

Americans Have Dreams, Too

The big argument offered in lobbying for in-state tuition for illegal aliens graduating from U.S. high schools is that it will help them become productive and tax-paying. That argument is a load of buffalo chips.

Illegal aliens and the children they've smuggled in have gotten a free educational ride at tax-paying citizens' expense, often for a decade or more. There is no reason why taxpayers should be forced to continue paying through the nose by subsidizing college tuition for people who cannot legally work. As long as they are here illegally, there are so many loopholes that it is highly unlikely they will pay their legitimate tax bills in full if they get under-the-table jobs. A college education in their own countries costs a fraction of U.S. higher education costs. Their parents have likely remitted thousands of dollars of to their homeland, money that could be used for their child's education.

Subsidizing tuition for illegal aliens is unnecessary at the least and futile in the worst-case scenario (they cannot legally worktherefore pay no taxes).

College-educated, middle-class American parents are finding it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to send their own kids to college. Students are graduating with $30,000 or more in student loan debt and cannot find jobs which cover basic living expenses, no less debt repayment. Scholarship funds are increasingly scarce and often set aside for "the disadvantaged," defined by race, regardless of income.

A friend's son had dreamed of going to New York University since he was in elementary school. For his planned career, it was certainly the best, and one of the few, schools offering what he wanted. He worked very hard for many years: top grades, extracurricular activities, summer programs like Model UN. He won a number of awards, and saved every penny for college.

His parents have saved up a college fund since he was born. It was never easy, especially since my friend could not return to school teaching as planned due to health problems, and the family has tightly budgeted one civil-servant salary for kids' college, parents' retirement, home care for elderly, ailing grandparents.

NYU offered a small scholarship, half of the $16,000 tuition. He cannot go to NYU -- no money.

My friend had "a nice little chat" with someone willing to be frank, albeit not for attribution, and discovered that if her son had been Hispanic, he would have gotten full tuition plus room and board, and if black/African-American, he would have gotten full tuition, regardless of grades or SAT scores (provided they were sufficient for admission), or family finances. Why? Dedicated funds in race-based financial assistance programs to promote "minorities."

There's a Hispanic Scholarship Fund, for Hispanics only. There are special scholarships only for Native Americans. Scholarships are not based on exceptional academic acheivement. Financial aid packages are not based exclusively on financial need. They are based on race or ethnicity.

Americans, of whatever race or ethnic background, all have dreams. And they should be able to pursue those dreams on a level playing field open to all American citizens equally. "Equal protection" is the law of the land. Special privileges for any group based on race or ethnicity is totally unacceptable.

Any privileges for immigration-law violators is unspeakably worse.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How to Live on $7/hour #2

Pity those poor illegal aliens sweating away for a lousy $7 an hour?

Bah, humbug!

Here's how to live well on $7 an hour:

1. Raid the food banks while you ship your money offshore. [See the first "How to live on $7/Hour"]
2. Don't spend $5 getting your kid a bottle of cough medicine at WalMart; go to the hospital emergency room and let US-citizen taxpayers pay your $250 hospital bill.
3. Operate a real income-producer on the side. [See post on Day Laborers]
4. Work off-the-books: that $280 is as much take-home pay as heavily taxed Americans see out of a $10/hour job. [NOT legal; only an illegal alien can get away with this!]
5. Got fake ID? Got an on-the-books job? Claim as dependents the kids sired, and still residing unsupported, back wherever-the-hell-you-came-from. Claim as dependents the kids you don't have. [NOT legal; only an illegal alien can get away with this!]
6. You paid withholding? Illegally claim "Earned Income Credit" for your child and collect some of the $2+ billion/year erroneously paid out to illegals (who are not eligible for EIC). [NOT legal; only an illegal alien can get away with this!]

The last four items listed here are crimes -- indeed, they are major felonies called "tax evasion" and "tax fraud." Yet at least 6 to 7 million illegal aliens working in the U.S. commit one or more of these every year.

More to come. We've barely started itemizing the ways illegal aliens live so well on "so little" that they can squirrel away, on average, $10,000 per person per year ($100 billion/year in "legitimate-channel" remittances divided by 10 million illegal aliens).

Mexican Perfidy Strikes Again

Mexican officials aided and abetted the illegal immigration of a muslim terrorist from Lebanon who has been convicted of harboring illegal aliens and of raising funds for the islamic terrorist organization Hezbollah.

Mahmoud Youssef Kourani was charged in May 2003 of harboring an illegal immigrant, pleaded guilty and served six months. He was awaiting deportation when charged with fundraising for terrorists, and also pleaded guilty. His sentence is 4-1/2 years, a pitifully light sentence for the brother of Hezbollah's Chief of Military Security in southern Lebanon, who directed Mahmoud Kourani's fundraising and terrorist-recruitment activities.

"Kourani paid a Mexican consular official in Beirut $3,000 for a visa to enter Mexico, then sneaked across the U.S.-Mexican border in 2001 and settled in Dearborn, the center of Michigan’s Arab-American community of about 300,000."

He clandestinely entered the U.S. via Mexico on February 4, 2001, over 7 months prior to the second World Trade Center attacks.

Anyone who claims there's no proof islamic terrorists sneak into the U.S. via Mexico is a liar. Hundreds of prayer rugs and korans litter the southwest border area. Arrests of "OTMs" (Other Than Mexicans) caught sneaking across our southern border include citizens of terrorist-sponsoring nations such as Iran.

Mexico is our enemy. They aid and abet islamofascist terrorists. They aid & abet millions of Mexicans in committing crimes in the US. They refuse to extradite criminal suspects who might, upon conviction, face life sentences or the death penalty, yet they deny due process to Americans who they arrest mainly for corrupt shakedowns. They ship their poor across the border in Mexican ambulances for medical care at American citizens' expense so they don't have provide basic medical care.

The list of Fox & Co. perfidies and treacheries seems endless.

At last Rep. Bob Beauprez (CO) & Rep. Patrick McHenry (NC) have introduced a bill to cut off aid to Mexico until they extradite suspected cop killers and otherwise fulfill their end of the extradition treaty they (belatedly) signed with us. Yes, in addition to $20 billion in remittances, over $100 billion in medical care for illegal Mexican aliens, at least $10 billion in education, we're giving Mexico $73.6 million this year in foreign aid. [Rocky Mountain News, 6/15/05 -- "Bill to Target Aid to Mexico"]

We need to seal the border, deport all illegal aliens (or make life here so uncomfortable they go home at their own expense), and require a "Foreigners' Fiscal Resposibility for Medical Care" act so non-citizens get insurance or pay their medical bills -- or make their consulates pay up & ship them home. We cannot afford to play the patsy for one of the world's wealthiest - and most corrupt - countries. We cannot afford to blind ourselves to their endless perfidy.

And we certainly don't want any more terrorists, their helpers, recruiters and fundraisers. However they get here.

Monday, June 13, 2005

How to Live on $7/Hour

Pity-posts frequently describe illegal aliens -- along with many legal/legalized immigrants -- as poor. Certainly the statistics show most illegal aliens living below the U.S. poverty line.

Yet they also "remit" over $100 billion a year to their home countries. Mexico alone expects to reap $20 billion this year. And these are just "legal," traceable remittances through banks and other financial institutions. It excludes a far larger amount of couriered cash, laundered funds and payments to smugglers which wind up offshore. Estimates of the total outflow run as high as half a trillion dollars per year.

I was standing at the counter of my mailbox service in Pasadena, CA, to pick up a package one Thursday afternoon, waiting while a man bought three money orders for $300 each. The transfer service he used included a phone call, and he place three free calls to a Central American country. A woman with a small baby in a stroller stood beside him for the entire transaction, and they finally left together.

The mailbox service owner told me that man sent three $300 money orders to the same people every Thursday. With money order fees, it amounted to nearly $1000 a week, over $50,000 a year -- all cash.

If I hadn't run into these people the very next afternoon, I probably would never have recognized them. The woman, now with two babies stuffed in the stroller, plus five more little kids, showed up at the weekly Catholic Charities food distribution. She hauled several bags of food halfway up the block, where her presumed "husband" and another woman waited beside a station wagon. The man loaded the rear with the groceries while the women changed the kids' clothes. Then the second woman took all seven kids back into Catholic Charities. Within 15 minutes, she emerged with another six bags of groceries.

Meanwhile, Catholic Charities turned away a disabled middle-aged American woman. "We only help families with children," they told her. I followed as she limped, leg in a brace, eight blocks to a building of tiny studio apartments. She had no car, no ride, no bus fare -- and no food.

The "poverty ploy" is a big-time scam. They plead poverty and a plethora of children, raid food distribution centers, and spend next to nothing on groceries. One woman will take two or three families' worth of kids to get more aid, while the other mother(s) do likewise. Double- (or triple-) dipping depletes food banks ever faster. But the claims of the food banks on numbers they serve are misleading because of this.

The next time you think of volunteering -- or donating -- to a food bank, ask whether the people served are genuinely needy or reaping free food to squirrel away $900 a week.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Outsourcing Our Security

Sikorsky Helicopter, based in Connecticut, is one of that state's largest employers and a major player in America's defense industries. It has built the Marine One helicopters -- the President's helicopters -- since the Eisenhower Administration.

Senator Christopher Dodd wrote me: "On January 28, 2005, the Department of the Navy announced its decision to award the contract for the next generation of Marine One Helicopters to a consortium led by Lockheed Martin. On the merits, the Sikorsky VH-92 should have been the clear winner. Sikorsky has manufactured the Marine One here in the United States since the Eisenhower Administration and has a flawless record of safety and performance. Lockheed has never built helicopters at all. The so-called US-101 aircraft which was selected for the Marine One Contract was designed by AgustaWestland, a British-Italian corporation. In fact, nearly one-third of the aircraft will be built overseas.

"The fact that the United States will now be depending on foreign military contractors to design and construct the Marine One would, in my view, put American national security at risk. After all, Marine One is far more than a mode of transportation for the President of the United States. It will be outfitted with some of the most advanced technology available to ensure secure communications and easy maneuvering to avoid any possible threats from the ground and air. As long as the President is in flight, this aircraft will be a global nerve center, with critical information constantly flowing in and essential decisions flowing out. This aircraft needs to be safe and well-equipped to ensure secure communications. For obvious reasons, the technology making this happen needs to be protected at all costs....

"When we rely on foreign manufacturers to build our troops' planes, tanks, missiles, and armor, we are not only losing American jobs, we are losing the expertise and experience necessary to build the military systems that will protect American security in the 21st century. The United States has the best-equipped military in the world because American companies specializing in defense technology have built up generations of experience and know-how. Each time workers are laid off and their jobs sent overseas, our experience and knowledge base erodes – and eventually disappears. I believe it is imperative for us to stop outsourcing our defense industry and instead to make concrete investments in research, development and production here at home."

Senator Dodd gets it (at least as far as Marine One is concerned). We are outsourcing our manufacturing, and letting those superior skills and records of high-quality/high-productivity to die out. We are outsourcing our creative abilities -- everything from our military, business and household inventions to computer animation and cartoon production -- and killing our immense creative and inventive capacities. We are letting America's most valuable resources -- a creative, energetic, productive people who have proven to the world that we can-do anything -- wither away. In the name of cheap labor we are giving away our very strengths to imitators, copiers, pirates. And to both potential and sworn enemies.

Senators Dodd and Lieberman are fighting the Department of the Navy to get that contract -- and jobs -- back to the U.S. "on March 1, 2005, along with my colleague, Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), I introduced S. 486. This important legislation would prevent the Secretary of the Navy from procuring helicopters under the presidential helicopter replacement program unless the contract requires that the helicopter is made in the United States and with only American manufactured parts."

Are your Senators on board with this bill? Ask them. The job you save may be your own.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Guatemalan Smuggling Ring Leads to CT -- Part 2

Danbury is a pleasant-enough little Connecticut town that usually impinges on national attention only when a high-profile white collar criminal is sentenced to the "country club of federal penitentiaries."

Over the past couple of years, its 75,000 population has suddenly ballooned by another 20 percent. Over 15,000 illegal aliens, predominently from Guatemala, have flooded the town. The mayor has appeared on Lou Dobbs (CNN). The town is a mess. Schools are madhouses.

The park and downtown areas are mobbed with "day laborers" seeking black market jobs. About 10 percent of them get work on any given day; the remaining 90% mill about trashing the place and urinating wherever.

So many new students are added each week the school district can hardly buy chairs fast enough to keep their butts parked in a seat. Even so, the school budget -- and property taxes -- have doubled. It's nowhere near enough.

Wages for unskilled/low-skilled labor -- everything from car washers to carpenters -- have dropped as much as half.

New York and Connecticut authorities became suspicious when suddenly dozens of cars were being registered at the same address. Ditto for dozens of drivers. The address is no massive apartment complex; it's a little shop with a rank of private mailboxes run by a Guatemalan.

He, naturally, pleads innocent confusion. But mailbox rental applicants produced driver's licenses using his address as the identification required by postal authorities. They get licenses using that address before they rent a mailbox, or get a box, and then produce the documentation for the US Postal Service.

Either way, something crooked is going on here, but no fruits of the investigation (i.e. prosecutions) have been reported yet, as far as I have found. No sign of ICE either.

Guatemalan Smuggling Ring Leads to Connecticut

A Stamford apartment renter told me about strange doings in the apartment above. When the couple threw a first-birthday party for their baby, my contact took up a little birthday present. They didn't let her in, but standing in the doorway, she saw numerous people sitting at a long table busily filling in forms. There were eye-popping stacks of cash on another table. Despite the lengthy parade of people coming and going that day, there were no signs of cards, presents, birthday cake, baby or party paraphernalia but the batch of balloons adorning the porch posts.

My contact found out (for the person's safety, I won't detail how) that a hundred people filled out paperwork for employer-sponsored work visas that day. It turns out the landlord & tenant have a nifty biz on the side: bogus work visas, 100 per batch, about twice a year. The illegal alien tenant is the east-end of a Guatemalan smuggling ring. Smuggler ships them in, landlord rents them an apartment and applies for work visas. Rents in Stamford aren't that much lower than Manhattan: $1200 & up for 2-bedroom flats in old houses south of the freeway. Another $5000 for a bogus work permit, which qualifies the bearer for a Social Security card. The landlord can't actually hire any of these people; he doesn't so much as hire lawnmower man for the tiny patches of grass in front of some of his buildings.

The mother of this baby collected welfare (TANF), food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, etc. A little "investigative journalism" resulted in a couple of prime tidbits; I phoned State officials. Sure enough, the registration for the nifty new $35,000 SUV she drove showed up on their computer. Hispanics conveniently (for facilitating fraud) have two last names and no readily verifiable identification: she used one of her maiden names and claimed the baby's father, to whom she claimed to be unmarried, was in Guatemala. Having married in Guatemala, there's no record of it US authorities can check. Likewise, it is difficult to confirm whether the baby was actually born in the US or is an "anchor baby via identity-theft." Either way, under Guatemalan law their child is a Guatemalan citizen. State welfare officials started their fraud investigation while I was still on the phone with them.

It has been 14 months since I reported this to ICE, et alia. Nothing appears to have been done about it so far. The income tax fraud report to the IRS on landlord and tenants' massive illicit cash income from smuggling, drug dealing, bogus work permit fees, landlord's under-the-table (cash) rent payments, smuggler's under-the-table restaurant-job wages seems not to have generated any follow-up in that quarter.

This Guatemalan couple must generate roughly a million bucks a year in untraceable cash, and they collected welfare and food stamps out of American taxpayer pockets.

[calculations -- smuggler: 100 work permits x $5000 each x 2 batches = $1M, divided between landlord & smuggler = $500,000; smuggling fees, estimated cut at this end, at least $1000 each x 200 = $200,000; restaurant wages ("cover job") @$300/week = $15,000; "finder's fee" split on the rents for 200 people, drug sales, bogus ID sales & miscellaneous revenues, plus smuggling fees for non-work-permit buyers]

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Calling a Halt to the Hemorrhaging

Only illegal aliens and "medical care tourists" are entitled to "free" medical care in the U.S. The rest of us have to pay -- and pay for the lawbreakers, too.

When my employer applied for an employment pass for me to work in Indonesia, the company had to guarantee 100% payment for any medical treatment, including air ambulance Medevac service. Ditto when I worked in Singapore. And Hong Kong.

We could readily do the same thing here. Require foreigners provide proof of medical insurance to get a visa. Require employers provide medical coverage for people they bring in on H-1b, L-1, and the assorted other temporary work permits.

U.S. citizens traveling abroad must either produce proof of health insurance to obtain a visa or work permit while in a foreign country, or must request help from our consulates to transfer funds or make payment arrangements for emergency medical care. We should expect no less of any visitor to our country.

Congress should pass a bill which requires foreigners' fiscal responsibility for medical care.

1. Any foreign tourist must provide proof of medical insurance coverage for any medical emergency while in the U.S., including medevac/air ambulance service back to their homeland if needed. Any work permit applicant or their sponsoring company (e.g. H1-B, L1, etc.) must provide proof of 100% medical care coverage, including repatriation via medevac or air ambulance, for the duration of their stay.

2. Any non-citizen who claims inability to pay for emergency medical care must contact their consulate (or the hospital or a relative may do so on the patient's behalf), and request payment assistance and repatriation. Require consulates to transfer funds or make payment on the patient's behalf, and repatriate the patient, by medevac or air ambulance if necessary, for any further medical care. Consulates can either transfer funds from the patient or relatives, or pay on the patient's behalf and then obtain reimbursement in accordance with their own country's laws.

3. Only U.S. citizens being repatriated with U.S. consulate authorization in a medical emergency will be authorized to enter the U.S. (for example, ambulances crossing from Mexico or Canada). Any non-citizen must provide proof of insurance coverage or ability to pay if they are entering the U.S. for medical treatment, as well as obtain emergency authorization/visa from U.S. consular officials.

4. Non-citizens who refuse to pay for medical care or obtain consular assistance will be handed over to Immigration & Customs Enforcement for immediate deportation as immigration law violators or under "public charge" laws.

5. All applicants for immigration or employment visas must be free of any communicable or chronic debilitative disease, including active or latent TB, Chagas, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, etc. They must provide proof of vaccination against polio, measles, diphtheria, and the host of contagious diseases we've pretty much eliminated.

Eliminating uncompensated care for non-citizens would do more to slash the high costs of medical insurance and medical care than any other step we could take. It would also help prevent the bankruptcies so many medical facilities face, which compromises care available in many communities across the U.S. And demanding stricter health standards of immigrants is critical to protecting public health.

If we do not call a halt to the hemorrhaging, our medical care system will bleed out.

Uncompensated Care Takes $$ Out of YOUR Pocket

An exec of a hospital in Glendale, CA, told me several years ago that a quarter of every patient's hospital bill was administrative costs -- billing, insurance paperwork, accounting, etc. And other quarter was "cost shifting:" bills of those who don't pay are divvied up among those who do. Basically, your medical bills are doubled to cover expenses that have nothing to do with your actual medical needs.

Since we talked, things have only gotten worse. Uncompensated care is so costly that it is bankrupting -- and closing -- hospitals across the country. Others eliminate emergency rooms and trauma care to focus on high-return specialties: cosmetic surgery (which is strictly cash-up-front), heart centers, and other by-referral services for the affluent or insured.

A new study from consumer group Families USA has calculated how much your health insurance premiums have increased to cover the disaster of uncompensated care: $900+ per year for the average family. In five years, that's estimated to rise to $1500. For singles, the added charge is $341, expected to rise to $532 by 2010. No wonder an ever-increasing number of Americans cannot get or cannot afford health insurance.

So who isn't paying their hospital bills? If you are a U.S. citizen who lacks health insurance, the hospital will put you on a payment plan, garnish your wages, even put a lien on your house -- anything to collect so they stay in business for the next patient. If you are genuinely poor and have no assets to attach or wages to garnish, the hospital will help you apply for state Medicaid programs and your state taxes pay the bill.

Permanent legal residents, if they hope for citizenship, had better pay their bills. A "public charge" law is a bar to citizenship. They cough up one way or another.

Illegal aliens, however, are the only people in the U.S. who are entitled to free medical care by law. While hospitals "treat 'em and street 'em" any way possible to prevent getting stuck with the bill, if they need care, they can't get rid of them.

So an illegal alien who was driving without a license and cracked up his car, permanently paralyzing himself, is "bought off" with a year's worth of supplies, hospital bed, wheelchair, medications and all to send him to his illegal-alien brother's home. The hospital trades off a half-million dollar expense to save another million. If illegal aliens refuse to return to their home country for continuing care, there is nothing the hospital can do.

Illegal aliens in hospital emergency rooms include the mother of a four-year-old with a cold who doesn't want to spend (and claims she cannot afford) five bucks for a bottle of cough medicine. The emergency room bill exceeds $250. She shrugs her shoulders and takes a bottle of cold medicine out the door with her. Who pays? You and I.

Miami hospitals report they are inundated with tourists who debark at Miami International Airport and take a taxi to the hospital. They were diagnosed at home with a need for a heart transplant, chemotherapy, whatever, and find it cheaper to fly to the U.S. and get it done at Americans' expense.

Sob stories are legend: "my kid needs a kidney transplant or he'll die," or whatever. They slink over the border with their sick kid (worsening his condition), go to a pro-illegal alien lobbying organization and rev up the PR machine for donations, tea and sympathy. Actually, on a per-capita basis, Mexico performs slightly more kidney transplants than than the U.S. and the cost runs less than half the typical $75,000 U.S. cost. But Americans are naive enough to swallow the tale that this "poor suffering kid's life" cannot be saved unless we let the family rob us blind.

If we do not stop taking care of the rest of the world, we will not be able to take care of ourselves. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are bankrupted every year by medical bills when half the bill is unrelated to their actual medical needs.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Illegal Aliens Know How to Exploit Loopholes

There's a massive loophole in the "catch and release" policies of our immigration pseudo-enforcers. Mexicans caught in clandestine crossings of our southwest border can be shipped straight home. But OTMs, the "Other Than Mexicans," who transited Mexico (usually illegally) prior to illegally entering the U.S., get a hearing in immigration court prior to deportation.

These illegal aliens are assigned a court appearance date, often six months or more in the future due to overcrowded court calendars, and released into the U.S. They cannot be deported until an immigration court judge so rules.

So 88 percent, according to federal statistics, never show up for their hearing and remain in the U.S. illegally. For the Harlingen, Texas, immigration court, that no-show rate is 98.42%.

This loophole is so glaring that brazen OTMs actively seek out the Border Patrol once they accomplish their clandestine crossing. They consider the assignment of a court date a "free pass" to remain as long as they damn well please.

The result is near-zero enforcement of our laws, and millions of illegal aliens doing whatever they please until the law catches up with them after committing additional crimes. And there is no assurance that additional criminal acts -- felonies or misdemeanors -- will result in their apprehension, conviction and deportation.

Anyone who "enters without inspection" -- the official euphemism for sneaking in illegally -- should automatically be held until deported. After all, clandestine entrants have already proven their willingness and ability to evade border controls and law enforcement authorities, to travel internationally without visas or other documentation or even verifiable identification, and their disdain for the law.

Deportation should be mandatory for anyone who enters illicitly. There is no excuse for thumbing their noses at the law; it merely proves their inclination to obey laws if and when they damn well please. As such, they are, and should be treated as, "undesirable aliens."

Lawbreakers should never be welcome here. American lawbreakers like these would not be allowed to remain in their countries. No welcome mat should be spread out for these lawbreakers to trample.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Day Laborers Often Have Biz on the Side

When a friend in Los Angeles moved to a new apartment, he hired a couple of day laborers on a Saturday to help. He said he "felt sorry for these poor people," and a day's work "would help them out." And a moving company was expensive.

By nightfall, there was just one load left, so John paid his helpers, and returned to his old apartment for the night. Sunday morning, he took the last of it to his new apartment. It was empty.

He reported the burglary to the police. A week later, John spied one of his "helpers" walking down the street, wearing his $15,000 one-of-a-kind designer coat.

The day laborers were running a burglary ring: every "day job" was a scouting party for potential victims. Helping people move was particularly lucrative.

I did some work for a software company to help launch a new product, to be unveiled at a press conference/reception on a Monday. In the rush to launch, the company hired a dozen workers from a temporary help agency to pack and shrink-wrap the product for shipment. By 7 p.m. Sunday, the product was ready to roll. The owners locked up for the night; when they unlocked at 8 a.m., the warehouse was empty. Several million dollars' worth of new product had been stolen overnight.

Turns out half a dozen of the men from the temp agency were illegal aliens using stolen IDs to sign on with the temp agency. Their "real job" was burglary, et al.; temp work enabled them to scout likely targets.

The Monterey Herald (California) reported on June 3 the arrests of alleged members of a burglary ring operating in Monterey and Santa Clara Counties. Authorities recovered over $250,000 worth of stolen property. The alleged ringleader, Alejandro Rodriguez Solis, used a landscaping and cement buiness and day laborers to scout targets, then hit homeowners and construction sites over the weekend.

Anyone who would consider hiring day laborers needs to think twice about what their "real job" might be. These are people who usually lack ID or use fake or stolen ID, thus are untraceable. At many day labor centers and sites where they congregate, barely ten percent of those who solicit odd jobs get work on any given day, so they cannot be earning a living. They are unemployed and unemployable (not legally, at least). They have already demonstrated that they are scofflaws by violating immigration laws and by hiring and conspiring with organized crime rings to evade immigration laws and obtain bogus identification. This is hardly the behavior of an "honest, hardworking" person.

Cheap labor might cost you far more than you ever imagined.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

China Spins Its Wicked Web, part 1

I sew. Therefore I buy fabrics. "Made in the USA" labels have vanished from my favorite fabric store in the past six months.

The stuff Pakistan weaves isn't fit to wrap trash. No selvages: fabric edges are open frays. The thread count is low, warp and woof threads are not square, so the loosely woven fabric creates a misshapen garment that never hangs properly.

China makes good silks and beautiful brocades, but their fabric is so narrow (26-28") it takes yards and yards to make the simplest dress. Their cottons are pathetic and synthetics are gross.

American-made goods are usually top-quality. American workers are the most productive in the world.

When I was a foreign correspondent based in Hong Kong, an exec from a major US durable goods manufacturer which had a plant in China told me after a year of operations, it took seven Chinese workers three hours to complete as much as one American worker accomplished in an hour. The company's American workers were 21 times more productive than their Chinese workers and Americans learned in a month what Chinese could not grasp in a year. Chinese work hard, and slog on for 10 or 12 hours, but they are slow and sloppy. Despite vastly increased training costs and appalling low productivity, it still cost the company half as much to build their product in China.

Former President Clinton made a horrific error in granting the Chinese Most Favored Nation (MFN) status. Worse was the trade agreement. Negotiators should have written a deal that would commence once China joined WTO and abided by its rules, and signed international intellectual property protection conventions and put the counterfeiters out of commission. Instead they were so stupid they let the Chinese get away with promises to do so in the future.

Result: China has not fulfilled so much as one promise, yet flooded our markets with their cheap goods, profitting by hundreds of billions of US dollars per year.

Now the Chinese are pitching fits and muttering "trade war" over re-imposition of textile quotas.

If US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez had a modicum of guts, he'd tell the Chinese that MFN and the trade agreement are suspended until China signs on to WTO and protects intellectual property as they agreed to do. But from the clip of Sect. Gutierrez fielding Chinese university students' questions which aired on CNN last night, I have to label him a wimp and an ignoramus.

If our trade reps don't put steel rods in their spongey spines, China will take the bakery along with the cake.

Friday, June 03, 2005

How to Lie with Statistics

On top of yesterday's report (CNN Money) of 82,000+ lay-offs announced during May, today we find net job creation for May dropped to 78,000, the smallest monthly number in nearly two years.

The big "surprise:" the unemployment rate dropped from 5.2% to 5.1%.

The US needs to create at least 2 million net new jobs per year for 2001 - 2010 just to maintain 60% labor force participation. That assumes zero immigration for the entire decade. Why? Our birth rate & birth numbers took a sharp leap upward, starting in the early 1980's. Over 4 million babies a year turn into millions of new job seekers two decades later. "Boomlets" are flooding into the job market, and "Boomers" won't start retiring until the end of the decade (if then, but that's another story).

But where are the new jobs actually going? New immigrants, mostly illegal aliens, and foreign temporary workers (H-1b, L-1, etc. visas) are replacing citizens and earlier immigrants.

So how can we have young US-born workers pouring into the work force, plus more than one million legal (or legalized) immigrants, plus as many as three or four million illegal entrants per year, yet the unemployment rate is falling?

Statistical sleight-of-hand. None of those Americans seeking their first job (H.S. or college grads, plus school dropouts) are counted until they have been in the workforce (i.e. only those who have previously worked can be counted). Illegal aliens are notoriously difficult to count because they are evading the law. Furthermore, a Rutgers study about four years ago discovered that only half of all illegal aliens work, and half of those workers do so "under the table," i.e. untaxed and uncounted.

The biggest boondoggle is the "discouraged worker." After about 26 weeks, if you still cannot find a job, you are no longer "unemployed." You are out of the workforce!

The prime clue is the workforce "participation rate," the percent of the adult population counted as "in the workforce." From a peak of just over 67%, it is now back down to 60%. The potential participation rate for ages 21 - 65 is about 75%, which would allow for the quarter of adults who are full-time (mostly graduate) students, dependent spouses, independently wealthy, young mothers staying home with children, and the disabled. To reach maximum participation, we need to create nearly 40 million new jobs! (Again assuming we do not boost the number of adults through immigration.)

So the government can report "feel good" numbers, "look how low the unemployment rate is," while ever more people are desperate for a job, temp work, "freelance," "independent contractor," or home-based business owner in a crazed attempt to create-a-job.

And the underground or "black market" economy now exceeds a trillion dollars per year, or a tenth of our entire economy. That's economic disaster-on-a-rollercoaster.

Lies, lies, and damned lies.

Why the Baby Formula Is Locked Up

Five years ago, I needed a new air conditioner for my new apartment. WalMart was sold out -- again, and again, and yet again. Finally one evening, the manager told me 20 units were due in on that night's truck. The first 20 people in line at 7 a.m. could get them. I was 11th in line. And there were only 10 aircons.

I pitched a fit, demanded to see the manager. He checked the manifest, then went out to the loading dock and spent half an hour investigating while I stewed. He found one more aircon, then thanked me for being so persistent. "I've just found out the night crew has been setting aside personal "purchases" as they unload the trucks. They've stolen over 100 air conditioners -- and who knows what-all else -- this month alone."

There's a wee bit more to the story. The night crew was a group of Dominican illegal aliens posing as Puerto Ricans, who then formed a crime ring to steal off the loading dock and resell the merchandise in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Today AP writer Michael Rubinkam reveals why so many supermarkets have started locking up the baby formula: Similac powdered and Similac individual cans rank #7 and #8 on the Top 50 List of items stolen from supermarkets. Enfamil, etc. are also featured. Shoplifters boost it by the case!

Tennessee authorities have netted over 4,500 cans (retail prices, $10-30 each) in just two traffic stops this year. In North Carolina, a ring of seven Honduran illegal aliens have been convicted of stealing and reselling over $14 million in baby formula and over-the-counter drugs. After sentences ranging up to 12 years, they will be deported.

As if the cigarette busts weren't bad-enough news, the FBI has linked stolen baby formula sales as fundraisers for Hamas and Hezbollah.

And the pro-illegal alien lobby claims illegal aliens "are just looking for work." Bah, humbug!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Driver's Licenses for Illegals No Insurance

One of the most common arguments for granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens is to increase safety on the roads -- and enable illegals to get auto insurance.

Just because they're granted licenses does not mean they will get insurance!

In 1993, on a tip, I observed local traffic court activities for a morning in Glendale, California. Three defendants who appeared within one hour there had been cited following traffic accidents for not having auto insurance. Each of the three (all of the same ethnic group, illegally entering from the same country) produced for the judge an insurance certificate attesting that they had purchased auto insurance an hour before their respective auto accidents. All three "bought" their insurance from the same agent ("coincidentally" of the same ethnic group/country of origin, and no, it was not a Latin American country in this case). The judge pitched a fit. Issued bench warrants for insurance fraud.

It was an open "secret" among members plugged into the ethnic info-line that for an under-the-table payment to the insurance agent, that particular agent would doctor receipts.

CBS Channel 4 in Denver recently reported on a bogus insurance card scheme in Denver (May 19, 2005 -- They said that more and more people are presenting bogus insurance cards when they go to register their vehicle. Of course, if caught, they claim they "didn't know" or they "were victimized."

Giving illegal aliens driver's licenses:
-- does nothing to improve road safety (they have just as high a proportion of accidents, according to some insurance investigators I've spoken with);
-- does nothing to stop insurance fraud such as staged car accidents (in fact, a license & insurance seems to facilitate crime rings specializing in staged car accidents);
-- increases insurance scams such as phony insurance cards;
-- facilitates identity theft/fraud since there is no way to ascertain the actual identity of illegal aliens (they use matricula consular and bogus IDs to get a handful of licenses).

Worse, a driver's license in the hands of an illegal facilitates defrauding employers. Check your I-9 form for new employees. A driver's license is one of two documents needed to "prove" legitimate "authorization to work." Of course, it proves nothing of the kind.

There is no good reason to make life "easier" for immigration law violators, while making life a nightmare for law-abiding US citizens. If they drive without a license, throw them in jail (same as authorities do for US citizens who commit such a crime), then turn them over to ICE for deportation. Since it is illegal for any illegal alien to work, they certainly don't "need to drive to work."

Proof of legal presence and verifiable identification are hardly an onerous prerequisite to obtaining a driver's license. They're the barest necessities to make our roads -- and everything else -- a bit safer.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mexico No Help in War on Terror

Mexico is no friend of the US when it comes to stopping illegal immigration. OTM (Other Than Mexican) illegal aliens caught following clandestine border crossings have risen from 5% to 8% of those captured. Of course, it is impossible to estimate how many the Border Patrol misses.

Today The Arizona Republic reports (also aired on Lou Dobbs, CNN) that an Iranian permanent resident living in Mesa, AZ, has been accused of trying to buy phony Mexican visas for Iranians to be smuggled through Mexico into the US. According to the report, Zeayadali Malhamdary boasted to the Feds that he had smuggled in 60 Iranians via Mexico, using fake Mexican visas.

It would appear that Mexico's immigration personnel either cannot detect bogus Mexican visas or let the holders through anyway.

Iran is listed as a state sponsor of terrorism. Clearly Mexico is not concerned about the possibility of islamic terrorists entering their own country or ours.

When will our State Department hold Mexico's feet to the fire? Or will Mexico dither and dally until terrorists blow them off their feet?

Mexico needs to grow up and stop dumping all its problems on the US taxpayer. Some of those "problemas" it ignores may bite them in their butt-in-skis.