Monday, June 27, 2005

China's Perfidy

China's government owned petroleum company has offered $18 billion for a major U.S. oil company, Unocal. This move is part and parcel of China's military build-up. They have been beefing up their military and making massive purchases of potential war materiel, such as scrap metal. All under the guise of "modernizing" and "economic development" for the Chinese.

Unocal would provide lots of ammunition for China's military: oil and gas reserves in the U.S. (including the North Slope of Alaska) and Asia; "rare earths" and the related technology used in cellular communications, as well as having critical military applications; control over oil & gas pipelines in the U.S.; technology for deep sea drilling and extreme-cold drilling.

Every aspect of this deal has directly applicable military uses.

China promises that U.S.-origin oil & gas reserves will be sold within the U.S. China's promises are never worth the breath to utter them. Ask anyone in Hong Kong, where the promises in 1997 treaty to preserve Hong Kong's institutions unchanged for 50 years did not last 50 days. China promised to sign on to international conventions protecting intellectual property when Pres. Clinton gave them Most Favored Nation (MFN) status. China remains the world's largest pirate and refuses to sign intellectual property protection conventions.

Honesty is not one of the traditional Chinese "Five Virtues." No promise can be believed, no less relied upon. U.S. oil and gas is going to feed China's military machine, not fuel cars for a billion-and-a-half Chinese.

The so-called "Maoist rebels" which have been causing havoc in Nepal for several years now are China-led. Basically, China is "doing another Tibet."

China fully intends to take over Taiwan, Nepal, and other areas. They see the U.S. under attack by islamic terrorists, and while we're busy defending ourselves from terrorists at home and in their spawning & training grounds, they see an opportunity to take over Nepal and Taiwan.

Their Unocal bid must be stopped. They already bought a division of IBM which has military benefits for China. They have already installed a fifth column here numbering in the millions: "students," "business people," scientists, engineers, computer experts, and illegal aliens -- spies and agents-in-place. We must stop giving away the store.

Suspend MFN and Chinese imports until they fulfill all of their agreements, such as protecting intellectual property. Be prepared to defend against Chinese aggression. The only thing that will keep China on a leash is bold preparedness.

And the first step in being forearmed is being forewarned. China is not our friend. China is not a reliable trading partner. China is not becoming a capitalistic or democratic society. China is not honest, and not trustworthy. China is no friend -- of the U.S. or its friends.


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