Thursday, June 02, 2005

Driver's Licenses for Illegals No Insurance

One of the most common arguments for granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens is to increase safety on the roads -- and enable illegals to get auto insurance.

Just because they're granted licenses does not mean they will get insurance!

In 1993, on a tip, I observed local traffic court activities for a morning in Glendale, California. Three defendants who appeared within one hour there had been cited following traffic accidents for not having auto insurance. Each of the three (all of the same ethnic group, illegally entering from the same country) produced for the judge an insurance certificate attesting that they had purchased auto insurance an hour before their respective auto accidents. All three "bought" their insurance from the same agent ("coincidentally" of the same ethnic group/country of origin, and no, it was not a Latin American country in this case). The judge pitched a fit. Issued bench warrants for insurance fraud.

It was an open "secret" among members plugged into the ethnic info-line that for an under-the-table payment to the insurance agent, that particular agent would doctor receipts.

CBS Channel 4 in Denver recently reported on a bogus insurance card scheme in Denver (May 19, 2005 -- They said that more and more people are presenting bogus insurance cards when they go to register their vehicle. Of course, if caught, they claim they "didn't know" or they "were victimized."

Giving illegal aliens driver's licenses:
-- does nothing to improve road safety (they have just as high a proportion of accidents, according to some insurance investigators I've spoken with);
-- does nothing to stop insurance fraud such as staged car accidents (in fact, a license & insurance seems to facilitate crime rings specializing in staged car accidents);
-- increases insurance scams such as phony insurance cards;
-- facilitates identity theft/fraud since there is no way to ascertain the actual identity of illegal aliens (they use matricula consular and bogus IDs to get a handful of licenses).

Worse, a driver's license in the hands of an illegal facilitates defrauding employers. Check your I-9 form for new employees. A driver's license is one of two documents needed to "prove" legitimate "authorization to work." Of course, it proves nothing of the kind.

There is no good reason to make life "easier" for immigration law violators, while making life a nightmare for law-abiding US citizens. If they drive without a license, throw them in jail (same as authorities do for US citizens who commit such a crime), then turn them over to ICE for deportation. Since it is illegal for any illegal alien to work, they certainly don't "need to drive to work."

Proof of legal presence and verifiable identification are hardly an onerous prerequisite to obtaining a driver's license. They're the barest necessities to make our roads -- and everything else -- a bit safer.


Blogger Di said...

I got hit by a car running a red light. The driver had a license alright, but he was driving his wife's car when the wife's insurance company had told them they would not cover the illegal alien husband. (I'm not sure if that's why they refused to cover him.)

The car owner's insurance refused to pay for my injuries or damage to my car. The guy skipped back over the border to Mexico and couldn't be sued, or prosecuted for moving violations and not having insurance. I was left holding the bag and footing the bills.

Don't give illegals licenses! And if they drive without one, or without insurance, arrest them on the spot and keep them in jail until they pay their bills and are deported.

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