Tuesday, June 21, 2005

End Neighborhood Nuisances

When I lived in a studio apartment in Pasadena, my next-door neighbor was a Hispanic working for a lawnmowing service. Within six weeks of moving in, this illegal alien smuggled in his wife, year-old daughter and infant son. When the landlord learned four people were living in the one-room (plus kitchette and bath) studio, he tried to evict them: his occupancy license, Pasadena ordinances and state Housing Code permitted a maximum of two people. He could lose his occupancy permit, but couldn't evict the family as long as they paid rent.

Six months later, there were five, including three children under age two. When the new baby wailed, the other two woke up and screamed. The landlord's water bills skyrocketed: residents of that one unit used more water than the other seven units combined. The wife was washing diapers for three kids in the kitchen sink along with the rest of the family laundry. Noise drove two tenants to break their leases: the landlord had to re-paint and re-carpet the units, less than a year since the previous painting & carpeting, before he could re-rent them (state law).

The landlord calculated that family cost him $3000 a month. To mention a few of the more costly items during one month: costs of irate tenants leaving and re-renting the units; water/sewer bills; repeated plumbing service calls (diaper flushed down toilet plus backed up kitchen sink from diaper-doo were two calls in one week); Health Department fines when lawnmower man's broken truck full of refuse attracted rats, plus the costs of getting the truck cited and removed, and rodent extermination; a broken window (and frame!) from lawnmower-man's botched attempt to install an air conditioner.

Illegal aliens often deceive honest landlords. One person or a couple rent a unit, then smuggle in additional friends and family members. Overcrowding, noise, congested parking, public health issues are a few obvious consequences.

Some landlords, often illegal aliens or "legalized" illegal entrants, violate housing ordinances and intentionally bring in hordes of illegal aliens for profit. They may be smugglers running a "safe house" where recent entrants are housed until they pay the second phase of their smuggling fee. Or they may illegally "convert" a house into a boarding house where dozens of people pay miniscule monthly rents that amount to a whopping total.

Suffolk County (Long Island) Police shut down one such house yesterday in Farmingdale. Owner Rosalina Dias has been charged with criminal contempt and criminal nuisance for allegedly violating a court order barring her from renting the house. It has taken over two years since a fire in the 900 square-foot house led firemen to discover numerous violations of fire, health and housing codes. Investigators have counted as many as 64 men, paying rent of $200 - 250 per month per person, living in the two-bedroom house.

Newsday's headline bemoans "Dozens of Men Now Left With Nowhere to Go." [http://www.newsday.com] Evicted residents readily admitted to the Newsday interviewer that they illegally entered the U.S. So they can go home to their own countries.


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I know someone who works really hard he was single had a good job and purchased his home and had new cars and kept his home so nice and clean. All that he was missing was having a wife and some children.. Well he met this one girl in a bar (which was the first mistake) Anyways he was dating her and she became pregnant right away comes to find out she has no papers and he ended up marrying her. She started bringing in her family and before marrying him I forgot to mention she already had 3 kids 2 of which she left with the other father and doesnt think to much of them because she never sees them. Well to make this story short she got pregnant again and after destroying his beautiful home and she ended up putting him in jail for domestic violence which she lied about he spent time in jail good thing he didnt lose his job. After that she left him and took everything he bought for the house. She is back in the house and has a brother and nephews living off my friend because they cant work because they to are illegal aliens. They smoke marijuana all the time and my friend works his ass off to what live in a dump now and she is lazy and doesnt clean at all that house is so messed up now he doesnt even go around his family or friends. I think @ this point he feels stuck because now he has 2 kids from this person and he really loves his 2 kids but I would really like her and her brothers to go back to where they come from. But I dont want the kids to be taken away if they take her. He is better with the kids alone than with her and he is in this marriage and doesnt knw what to do? Any advice on how to help him . .I know its up to him but she is ruining his life.

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