Thursday, June 09, 2005

Guatemalan Smuggling Ring Leads to CT -- Part 2

Danbury is a pleasant-enough little Connecticut town that usually impinges on national attention only when a high-profile white collar criminal is sentenced to the "country club of federal penitentiaries."

Over the past couple of years, its 75,000 population has suddenly ballooned by another 20 percent. Over 15,000 illegal aliens, predominently from Guatemala, have flooded the town. The mayor has appeared on Lou Dobbs (CNN). The town is a mess. Schools are madhouses.

The park and downtown areas are mobbed with "day laborers" seeking black market jobs. About 10 percent of them get work on any given day; the remaining 90% mill about trashing the place and urinating wherever.

So many new students are added each week the school district can hardly buy chairs fast enough to keep their butts parked in a seat. Even so, the school budget -- and property taxes -- have doubled. It's nowhere near enough.

Wages for unskilled/low-skilled labor -- everything from car washers to carpenters -- have dropped as much as half.

New York and Connecticut authorities became suspicious when suddenly dozens of cars were being registered at the same address. Ditto for dozens of drivers. The address is no massive apartment complex; it's a little shop with a rank of private mailboxes run by a Guatemalan.

He, naturally, pleads innocent confusion. But mailbox rental applicants produced driver's licenses using his address as the identification required by postal authorities. They get licenses using that address before they rent a mailbox, or get a box, and then produce the documentation for the US Postal Service.

Either way, something crooked is going on here, but no fruits of the investigation (i.e. prosecutions) have been reported yet, as far as I have found. No sign of ICE either.


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