Monday, June 27, 2005

How to Live on $7/Hr. -- #4

Illegal aliens can live very well at American citizens' expense, so well that they can siphon off an average of $10,000 per adult per year in the remittances they send offshore.

Welfare is a lucrative game. Having a baby in the U.S. is any illegal alien's ticket to income for life. If a baby is born in the U.S., state social services departments will pay the hospital bill for having it, cash money to any claimant "on its behalf," medicaid, food stamps, WIC food coupons and more.

It isn't even necessary to have a child.

Take a page straight out of The Day of the Jackal. I went to the Los Angeles County Hall of Records in downtown La-La Land. Other than two clerks, I was the only American in there. After "signing in" with an illegible scrawl, I was admitted to the computers where all LA County birth and death records are stored. While I wandered around waiting for an available computer, I glanced at the screens called up by the Hispanic men busily searching the records. They would search death records until they found one for a child, write down the Social Security number, then call up the birth record. In the hour I was there, I observed 17 Hispanic men purchase birth certificates, which I then verified were for dead babies.

As I left, I saw one of the buyers meet two women with a herd of young children. They picked a child of roughtly "the right age." I followed the woman, carrying the freshly purchased birth certificate and a scrap of paper containing the SSN from the death certificate, all the way to the Department of Public Social Services on South Grand Avenue.

Many so-called "anchor babies" are, in fact, identity-theft babies. Either way, a parent can live off his or her child for years to come.


Blogger Anthony213 said...

I never heard of this of this one. The illegals are a crafty bunch of criminals. We will surely lose our country if the people do not rise up against this corrupt sitting government. We now have a government that is hostile and indifferent towards the citizens friendly and accomodating to illegal foriegn nationals. We the citizens must obey the laws, pay our taxes, healthcare and auto insurance while the illegals enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The politicians who voted for amnesty are corrupt in their hearts and souls. Their very being is corrupt. We as Americans must separate ourselves from these Corrupt Jackals.

11:01 PM  

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