Monday, June 06, 2005

Illegal Aliens Know How to Exploit Loopholes

There's a massive loophole in the "catch and release" policies of our immigration pseudo-enforcers. Mexicans caught in clandestine crossings of our southwest border can be shipped straight home. But OTMs, the "Other Than Mexicans," who transited Mexico (usually illegally) prior to illegally entering the U.S., get a hearing in immigration court prior to deportation.

These illegal aliens are assigned a court appearance date, often six months or more in the future due to overcrowded court calendars, and released into the U.S. They cannot be deported until an immigration court judge so rules.

So 88 percent, according to federal statistics, never show up for their hearing and remain in the U.S. illegally. For the Harlingen, Texas, immigration court, that no-show rate is 98.42%.

This loophole is so glaring that brazen OTMs actively seek out the Border Patrol once they accomplish their clandestine crossing. They consider the assignment of a court date a "free pass" to remain as long as they damn well please.

The result is near-zero enforcement of our laws, and millions of illegal aliens doing whatever they please until the law catches up with them after committing additional crimes. And there is no assurance that additional criminal acts -- felonies or misdemeanors -- will result in their apprehension, conviction and deportation.

Anyone who "enters without inspection" -- the official euphemism for sneaking in illegally -- should automatically be held until deported. After all, clandestine entrants have already proven their willingness and ability to evade border controls and law enforcement authorities, to travel internationally without visas or other documentation or even verifiable identification, and their disdain for the law.

Deportation should be mandatory for anyone who enters illicitly. There is no excuse for thumbing their noses at the law; it merely proves their inclination to obey laws if and when they damn well please. As such, they are, and should be treated as, "undesirable aliens."

Lawbreakers should never be welcome here. American lawbreakers like these would not be allowed to remain in their countries. No welcome mat should be spread out for these lawbreakers to trample.


Blogger Anthony213 said...

The story above proves the US Government is the most corrupt in the world. As the US goes further into debt, the illegals get WIC, Foodstamps and what ever else they can go after in a criminal manner. The Federal Governemnt is best best example of ingrained corruption I have ever seen. The politicians who allow this are the most corrupt and crooked people to walk the earth.


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