Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Smart Idea in Connecticut

The Danbury chapter of Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control has come up with a bright way to curb lawbreaking employers of illegal aliens: note and trace the license plates of contractors who hire day laborers.

Day laborers have turned Danbury's Kennedy Park into an ad hoc hiring center for cheap labor. Many of the American construction workers displaced by cheap illegal labor have joined the effort to stop the jobs hemorrhage.

Pro-illegal alien lobbyists and obfuscators claim the day laborers are just "immigrants looking for work." But if they were immigrants, i.e. legal entrants with work authorization, there are legitimate temporary help agencies which place unskilled and low-skilled labor. Illegals are not only displacing experienced local labor and union hiring halls, they are also undercutting the temp agencies which place people in legitimate jobs.

Laudatory as CCIC's action is, it will not solve the problem of illegal immigration. Barely half of illegal aliens work. Half are dependent spouses, children, or other non-working relatives; living on welfare received for "anchor babies" and ID-theft babies; or living off proceeds from crime. Making employers accountable for their behavior certainly benefits legit businesses and workers. But until we prosecute and punish immigration-law violators for their crimes, we will have millions of scofflaws invading this country and disdaining our laws.


Blogger tangerine said...

On Long Island they have recently adopted this idea of reporting contractors who hire illegals and I think it's a great idea. Contrary to what the apologists say, illegals are indeed stealing jobs from tax-paying legal immigrants and Americans by accepting these jobs, and the contractors are also guilty of taking jobs away from Americans for paying illegals under the table so as to avoid paying taxes. A great way to stop illegal immigration is for the government to fine contractors and businesses for hiring illegals.

I am glad that the government is finally listening to tax-paying Americans who do not want to support illegals while they send all of their US money (tax-free) back to Mexico. This cry-me-a-river tactic of "we just want to make an honest living" is baloney. They are hardly making an "honest" living by not paying taxes, and it's time for them to stop mooching off of our system while giving absolutely nothing back in return except for street harassment, gangs, drugs trafficking, the decline of community properties, illegal overcrowded housing, crowded and overextended schools, hospitals, and other social services that was not designed to take on so many illegals, but to provide care for its own needy citizens.

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