Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Prepare for the Main Invasion

The last statistics I read from the Mexican government on the number of Mexican citizens living in the U.S. showed 25 million Mexicans living here (in 2002). Of course, children born to Mexican citizens are, under Mexican law, Mexican citizens regardless where they are born. So several million of these Mexicans are were born in the U.S. However, it still means a fifth of Mexico's citizens live in the U.S. And the vast majority violated U.S. laws to enter and remain, although we have "legalized" about half so far.

Now the Pew Hispanic Center tells us its surveys show almost half of Mexico's population -- another 50 million people -- intend to immigrate to the U.S. Over one-fifth readily admit to pollsters they will enter illegally.

It's not just the "poor" or "uneducated." Across income and educational levels, half of Mexicans aim for the border. It's not just jobs, stupid!

If Presidente Vicente Fox spent as much time and effort making Mexico a better place to live as he has lobbying for more benefits for Mexican lawbreakers in the U.S., it might not be this bad. Mexico is corrupt from top to bottom, birth rates consistently exceed job growth, economic growth, or any other form of growth. The country has become dependent on remittances from Mexicans in the U.S. and the fruits of crime: smuggling humans, smuggling drugs, smuggling guns, fencing goods stolen from the U.S. One of the world's largest oil exporters makes more money from crime than oil sales at a time when oil prices are skyrocketing.

The U.S. cannot afford another 50 million Mexicans. It cannot afford another 50 million illegal aliens from any country. It cannot afford another 50 million legal immigrants from anywhere, either. Large swaths of our country are short of water, short of housing, short of classrooms, short of teachers willing to deal with the problems massive immigration imposes on schools, short of money to continue subsidizing a population that continually produces more mouths to feed than wherewithal to feed them.

Above all, if Mexicans are not willing to do anything to better their own country, why should allow them to come here and corrupt ours? These are not people who will contribute to making America better.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Falling For the Pity-Ploy

A friend who lives on Long Island's North Shore has stopped speaking to her friend and neighbor of 15 years. The neighbor has lawn service -- an illegal alien comes weekly to mow.

Well, it seems there has been a rash of break-ins around the neighborhood; the crime wave began suddenly in a well-policed community where most police action has been ticketing cars parked on streets from 3 - 6 a.m. My friend accosted Lawnmower Man & Co. shortly after noon when he was trying to break in through her back door. They ran off, surprised to find a mom at home in a community where most wives are working professionals or regulars of the "Lunch Bunch." They cased neighborhoods on lawnmowing forays, then returned on non-work days to clean up. It took nearly a year to connect the crime wave with the "workers."

But there have been no arrests although my friend is quite certain that one of the men she scared off is the Lawnmower Man. His employer insists "he's just a poor hard-working man trying to support his family back in Mexico" -- but there's no proof of any family or anything else. Hence the ex-friends' feud.

Why would anyone hire an illegal alien? There is no way to be certain who that person is (fake IDs), whether the person has a criminal record (again, fake IDs, plus they could be fleeing prosecution for felonies back in their home countries which have no paper trail here), what else they are doing to supplement those miniscule wages.

Anyone who plans clandestine entry these days, plus most of those who enter on fraudulently obtained "tourist" visas and remain illegally, hire and conspire with smuggling rings -- organized crime -- to get in here and remain. They have criminal connections. They have already broken immigration and other laws, so what makes anyone think they will stop there? The sob stories they cook up are often "stories" purchased from mob-run "asylum schools."

Anyone who "pities the poor illegal immigrant" has rocks for brains.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Real "Housing Bubble" Needs to be Busted

Illegal aliens from Europe were about to lose their condo to foreclosure. The booming housing market bailed them out mere days before the bank took over. They sold the condo -- and turned around and bought a house in a double-closing.

How could anyone in foreclosure get a good mortgage deal to buy a new, larger house at twice the price of the condo? Put the new house in the wife's maiden name, claim she's single and deny the children they have. Profits on the condo sale in Connecticut's fast-rising housing market yielded enough for a 10 percent cash down payment on the new house, and lies -- outright fraud -- accomplished the rest.

Thousands of illegal aliens are purchasing homes across the country. Under special programs, some banks will knowingly lend to illegals using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, or ITINs, instead of Social Security Numbers. Illinois is setting up a $15 million fund to help "immigrants" -- especially illegal aliens -- buy homes.

Yesterday, Lou Dobbs (CNN) featured frauds in the housing market: unscrupulous real estate agents, mortgage brokers and banks are teaming up to sell homes to illegal aliens who do not qualify for standard mortgages. If you violate immigration (and other) laws, you can buy a house on more favorable terms than US citizens can. You can buy a house when honest, hard-working citizens cannot.

And the real estate agents, mortgage brokers and bankers are raking in tens of millions of dollars in commissions on illicit home-buying schemes.

Why are house prices escalating so rapidly across much of the country? Demand. And where is that escalating demand coming from? Millions of illegal aliens flooding across our borders.

But who can afford these rapidly escalating housing prices? Illegal aliens -- who cheat on their taxes, fiddle off-the-books and illicit-activity incomes, and then get more favorable lending practices to shave the cost of home buying.

Illegal Aliens Steal Americans' Jobs

Danny Lee was a housepainter in Florida. A predominently non-union state, he still earned $14/hour in the early 1980's -- a decent wage. A decade later, he was paid $10-12/hour, when he could find work. Housepainters in Florida now typically earn $7-8/hour -- about half the average wage 20 years ago.

Those wage numbers are not corrected for inflation. Adjusted, today's housepainter makes less than one-fourth of the wages of 20 years ago.

Wages have dropped disastrously since 1980 in a wide range of blue-collar occupations across the country. Iowa's meatpackers earned $12-15/hour then; wages are down to $7-9/hour now. Meanwhile, the cost of a pound of ground beef has more than doubled.

Every region, every occupation where illegal aliens or "guest workers" have moved in has seen a massive wage-cut in nominal terms. Adjusted for inflation, the wage-slippage amounts to economic disaster for Americans in those occupations.

July's Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth numbers looked hopeful to unemployed and under-employed US citizens. They spooked the financial markets, which saw inflationary omens in the creation of 207,000 new jobs. Wall Street denizens are so divorced from Main Street realities one would think Wall Streeters' noses are coked right through their cerebrums.

The household survey shows more than double that number of new jobs: 438,000. What accounts for the discrepancy? Off-the-books employment must account for a substantial portion of the discrepancy. There is no other logical explanation. Which means perhaps more than half of all new jobs are off-the-books, untaxed cash payments predominently going to immigration-law violators who have no right to be here and certainly no legitimacy in the workforce.

Where did the new jobs go? New "immigrants," i.e. illegal aliens. Sixty percent of new the jobs created since January 2001 have gone to Hispanics alone, yet they account for a mere 15 percent of the workforce. You are four times more likely to find a job if you are Hispanic than if you are American-born or an immigrant from Asia or elsewhere. That's discrimination -- against Americans, both black and white.