Monday, August 15, 2005

Falling For the Pity-Ploy

A friend who lives on Long Island's North Shore has stopped speaking to her friend and neighbor of 15 years. The neighbor has lawn service -- an illegal alien comes weekly to mow.

Well, it seems there has been a rash of break-ins around the neighborhood; the crime wave began suddenly in a well-policed community where most police action has been ticketing cars parked on streets from 3 - 6 a.m. My friend accosted Lawnmower Man & Co. shortly after noon when he was trying to break in through her back door. They ran off, surprised to find a mom at home in a community where most wives are working professionals or regulars of the "Lunch Bunch." They cased neighborhoods on lawnmowing forays, then returned on non-work days to clean up. It took nearly a year to connect the crime wave with the "workers."

But there have been no arrests although my friend is quite certain that one of the men she scared off is the Lawnmower Man. His employer insists "he's just a poor hard-working man trying to support his family back in Mexico" -- but there's no proof of any family or anything else. Hence the ex-friends' feud.

Why would anyone hire an illegal alien? There is no way to be certain who that person is (fake IDs), whether the person has a criminal record (again, fake IDs, plus they could be fleeing prosecution for felonies back in their home countries which have no paper trail here), what else they are doing to supplement those miniscule wages.

Anyone who plans clandestine entry these days, plus most of those who enter on fraudulently obtained "tourist" visas and remain illegally, hire and conspire with smuggling rings -- organized crime -- to get in here and remain. They have criminal connections. They have already broken immigration and other laws, so what makes anyone think they will stop there? The sob stories they cook up are often "stories" purchased from mob-run "asylum schools."

Anyone who "pities the poor illegal immigrant" has rocks for brains.


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