Thursday, August 11, 2005

Illegal Aliens Steal Americans' Jobs

Danny Lee was a housepainter in Florida. A predominently non-union state, he still earned $14/hour in the early 1980's -- a decent wage. A decade later, he was paid $10-12/hour, when he could find work. Housepainters in Florida now typically earn $7-8/hour -- about half the average wage 20 years ago.

Those wage numbers are not corrected for inflation. Adjusted, today's housepainter makes less than one-fourth of the wages of 20 years ago.

Wages have dropped disastrously since 1980 in a wide range of blue-collar occupations across the country. Iowa's meatpackers earned $12-15/hour then; wages are down to $7-9/hour now. Meanwhile, the cost of a pound of ground beef has more than doubled.

Every region, every occupation where illegal aliens or "guest workers" have moved in has seen a massive wage-cut in nominal terms. Adjusted for inflation, the wage-slippage amounts to economic disaster for Americans in those occupations.

July's Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth numbers looked hopeful to unemployed and under-employed US citizens. They spooked the financial markets, which saw inflationary omens in the creation of 207,000 new jobs. Wall Street denizens are so divorced from Main Street realities one would think Wall Streeters' noses are coked right through their cerebrums.

The household survey shows more than double that number of new jobs: 438,000. What accounts for the discrepancy? Off-the-books employment must account for a substantial portion of the discrepancy. There is no other logical explanation. Which means perhaps more than half of all new jobs are off-the-books, untaxed cash payments predominently going to immigration-law violators who have no right to be here and certainly no legitimacy in the workforce.

Where did the new jobs go? New "immigrants," i.e. illegal aliens. Sixty percent of new the jobs created since January 2001 have gone to Hispanics alone, yet they account for a mere 15 percent of the workforce. You are four times more likely to find a job if you are Hispanic than if you are American-born or an immigrant from Asia or elsewhere. That's discrimination -- against Americans, both black and white.


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