Monday, September 05, 2005

Mexico Shows Its True Colors in Crisis

In the first few days of Katrina's wrath, offers of aid poured in from dozens of countries. Even Sri Lanka, still recovering from the tsunami, offered aid in gratitude for all we have done for tsunami victims. Thank you all. Your kindness, concern and generosity touches my heart. You have shown the heights of humanity.

Our next-door neighbor to the south, however, showed its true colors, and they proved themselves to be the falsest of "friends." Presidente Vicente Fox has asked for assurances that no Mexican illegal in the disaster area be prosecuted. Worse, Fox demands that they receive disaster relief aid.

Any non-citizen can receive assistance, including help getting back to their own country, from their country's consulate. That is the purpose of consulates: help their country's citizens in emergencies and help them return home. Clearly, the US has been put on notice that Mexico is not going to help their people cope with the disaster or get them out of the disaster area and back home.

This is going to prove the most costly disaster in US history, with initial estimates of $30 billion. Millions of Americans are displaced, homeless, jobless. Millions of Americans have lost everything they had, including their livelihoods. The needs for toiletries, clothing, housing, household items, et al. are so immense as to be nearly unfathomable.

And our bad neighbor wants us to provide all this for its 40,000 citizens illegally living in New Orleans, too. And for how many more thousands living in Mississippi and Alabama.

It is too early to estimate how many people have lost their employment on top of their homes, clothes and everything else. Thousands are already seeking work in the vicinity of the shelters where they are staying at the moment. We may need up to a million new jobs for those whose own businesses or employers have been wiped out by this massive storm.

And our bad neighbor wants us to keep employing millions of Mexican lawbreakers, and provide jobs for those who lost jobs they could never legally take in the first place.

This is a time of massive crisis. It is therefore time to issue an Executive Order giving all those who are present in violation of immigration laws just 30 days to leave the US. Those who do not leave within 30 days should have all their property confiscated and be deported. The confiscated property would cover the costs of deportation.

Mexicans should be the first to go. Let El Presidente Vicente Fox feed, clothe, house all his own disaster victims. His slap in the face should be returned with interest.

We need those jobs for Americans.