Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cry Me a River

Hazelton, PA, is on the right track. Their new law, which goes into effect on Wednesday (Nov. 1), punishes landlords who rent to illegals and employers who hire them. [,1,2178747.story]

The small town, which lost its largest industry back in the 1950's, has been besieged by illegal aliens since 2001. The population of Hispanics increased nearly 10 times its 2000 Census figures in less than six years -- to about a third of the entire population. Along with them came not only overcrowded schools and the hospital, but also crime, gangs, drug dealing. Two murders on the same day, May 10th, were the straw that broke this small town's back: both of those charged crimes the crimes were illegal aliens.

Many illegals have already departed in advance of the new ordinance -- by some estimates, up to 5,000 have already left.

The ACLU ("Alien Civil Liberties Union," some now call it for its failure to stand up for the rights of American citizens) has, of course, filed suit to challenge the ordinance. In actual fact, the ordinance aligns rather well with federal laws prohibiting "harboring" immigration-law violators, and puts an end to "safe houses" where illegals are held pending payment for onward transportation or payment for additional smuggler services (jobs, fake IDs, asylum application scams, etc.) And it is illegal for anyone without proper immigration documents AND work authorization to work, just as it is illegal for employers to hire them. (Not all legal residents have permission to work: students on student visas, dependents of those holding employment passes such as H1-B visas, and others are expressly forbidden to work under the terms of their visas. Violation of visa terms constitutes fraud, a felony mandating deportation and barring future re-entry.)

Support Hazelton in their fight. Support Escondido, CA, in theirs. And get your town council to fight illegal immigration, too.

To the whining illegals, I say, "Cry me a river." And to those who throw up their hands & say we can't deport the millions of illegals already here, I say, "Cry me a river."


Blogger Daisnte said...

I like your idea of an Executive Order giving illegal aliens 30 days to go home -- with their kids & other dependents! From the evidence shown here, most would high-tail it out of here. They broke the law -- and paid smugglers to help them. They can bloody well pay their own way home.

And these is no reason not to take their kids. Children born to citizens of other countries have a right to citizenship in their parents' country. Parents can get them passports or identity cards from their consulate & take them home.

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