Monday, October 30, 2006

Is Anyone Home at State?

"Catch & release" was supposedly abolished - Hah! The joke is on us. Of 40,000 Chinese ordered deported, only 600 have actually been deported. China refuses to take back its own citizens. Sudan? Courts have held up deportations of convicted criminal Sudanese due to the "civil unrest" there.

Here's where our State Department is failing us. There is no excuse for a country to refuse to take back its deported citizens. But the State Dep't. is not pressing anyone to repatriate their citizens. Neither are they fighting hard enough for extradition of people wanted for crimes they committed while in the US.

This is utterly ridiculous. Our sovereignty is under attack from Mexico, China and other countries. But it's under neglect from our own citizens sworn to uphold our Constitution and our laws.

Condi Rice is proving a far less potent force on the world stage than expected. And her staff is running wild. One of her senior staffers goes on al-Jezeera television (mouthpiece of islamoterrorists) and accuses the US of stupidity in Iraq. The only "stupidity" is on the part of some civil servants whose salaries are footed by the taxpayers. Have they forgotten who pays them? Have they forgotten our founding principles, like the Rule of Law, and "No one is above the law?" Have they forgotten how to stand up for the U.S. and its citizens?

Hel-lo-oh! Anybody home? Or are our "diplomats" sitting on their brains?


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