Thursday, October 26, 2006

Issue an Executive Order, Mr. President!

In my previous post, I suggested that the President issue an Executive Order giving immigration-law violators 30 days to depart the country with their dependents. Evidence from Georgia bolsters the case for this.

Georgia has passed a strict new state law which becomes effective in June, 2007. It includes sanctions for employers holding state contracts who hire illegal aliens, requires applicants for state aid programs to prove legal residence in the state, requires police to verify the status of anyone arrested for a crime.

Already illegal aliens are moving out of the state, and a poll shows that 3 out of 5 illegals plan to depart before June -- and take their kids with them.

Just think what the departure of 60% of adult illegals (est. 12 million), with their children, would mean on a national scale:
- reduction of overcrowding in our schools,
- therefore, a reduction in local property taxes;
- elimination of one-quarter of social service recipents;
- jobs opening for the 12 million US-born citizens with less than a high-school education (only 7 million of the 19 million high-school dropout aged 21 to 65 work -- no wonder they are poor);
- reduction in the number of people without health insurance by about half (of the 46 million uninsured, up to 30 million are illegal aliens or recent immigrants);
- reduce crime by an estimated 30%;
- reductions in homelessness, poverty rates, overcrowded housing, traffic on our highways, environmental degradation, remittances, imports (improving our trade deficit -- since when do Mexicans buy other-than-Mexican products, or Chinese buy other-than-Chinese products, etc?)...

The list of benefits is nearly endless. And for growers in need of apple-pickers, lettuce-pickers, etc.? Well, they will just have to use the agricultural visas available to them, or hire some of those 12 million American high school dropouts.


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