Saturday, October 21, 2006

Treat Lawbreakers As The Criminals They Are

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are on the right track -- they are prosecuting illegal aliens under the State of Arizona anti-smuggling statute. Almost half of those arrested and charges have already pleaded guilty.

The first one who went to court, Adolfo Guzman-Garcia, was found guilty by a jury and faces up to 3-3/4 years in prison when sentenced on December 5th. The judge should sentence him to the max.

Illegal immigration is a conspiracy. Those who decide to violate immigration laws go out and solicit, hire and pay smugglers to help them achieve their goals. They should be charged under federal RICO statutes -- this is organized crime.

County Attorney Thomas and Sheriff Arpaio are the first of our nation's law enforcement personnel and prosecutors to actually prosecute the illegal aliens themselves for their crimes. Kudos to them! May they be the vanguard of law enforcers who actually enforce our laws.

Zero tolerance for immigration-law violators. It does not matter whether they come from Ireland or India, Poland or Peru, Mexico or Malaysia or Mali. We are a law-abiding citizenry and we only welcome those who abide by our laws.

As soon as we start stringently enforcing immigration laws, illegal aliens will stop coming -- and those already here will start leaving before they get caught and sent to prison.

"Zero Tolerance" for immigration-law violators must be our demand.


Blogger letmefnknow said...

i lke what you are typing there.
from just being here to drugs guns gangs and dwi's,

3:58 PM  
Blogger letmeout said...

They know what they are doing - the politicians/corporate men
All the money to support these illegal immigrants comes from the tax payers (the workers) and all the problems that come from the illegals only affect the tax payers (the workers).
The politicians want more consumers and cheap labor - as many as possible in the country to grow their machines of wealth and power. while the people on the bottom (the workers born in the USA) get more and more squashed by this machine.
Also, these illegals are sheep -they don't have any voice for workers rights, etc. The conservatives are just as supportive of this if not more so - they are designing it and creating it and then acting like they are trying to do something to reverse it (!) B.S.
The overcrowded schools, hospitals, crime, identity theft etc. Only affect the people on the bottom (workers/taxpayers US citizens - if you think rich politicians and corporations pay taxes think again) and now guess what? the workers don't even have work. the illegal immigrants are taking that away also while they collect social security, welfare and foodstamps and section 8 housing at the same time. putting nothing into our system but misogyny,crime and entitlement attitude. this is hell.
the thing that these people have going for them also - besides the corrupt polititians who are selling out the US, and the liberal extremists,
- they have numbers - there are so many of them.
They come here and already have a community of other mexican/latino or chinese to connect them with jobs, foodstamps, stolen id's, housing, under the table work etc.
they do better than USA citizens in getting everything they want. i see it everyday here in CA. this place is hell.

1:05 PM  
Blogger letmeout said...

are there any states that don't have any - or at least not so many illegal immigrants?
I am looking to move.
any states tough on illegals?
you have no idea what i have been through.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Juan Salazar said...

Let get Donal trump in place pleases vote Donal trump

11:43 AM  
Blogger Juan Salazar said...

Donal trump to stop illegal imigration we don't need this shit in our country pleases let vote Donal trump

11:44 AM  
Blogger Juan Salazar said...

Donal trump to stop illegal imigration

11:45 AM  
Blogger Juan Salazar said...

Donal trump to stop them he is the only one that can't

11:45 AM  

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