Thursday, November 30, 2006

Big Boost in California's Cost of Illegal Immigration

California's Gov. Schwarzenegger is promoting a new health care plan for California that will cost a minimum of $9.4 billion. At least half of the cost will go to support illegal aliens, not U.S. citizens. In 2004, health care costs for Californians topped $169 billion. Over a third of that was paid out by Medicare and Medi-Cal. So where are Californians going to come up with another $9.4 billion?

The state's budget deficit is already in excess of $5 billion. The state ranks 45th in business climate; businesses are leaving the state because it's just too costly to do business there. Another mandate that will cost nearly double amount of the current budget deficit just adds to the costs of doing business and the tax burdens of citizens.

There is a better way to provide medical care to illegal aliens, one that won't cost citizens an arm and a leg and a job. Any non-citizen who claims to be unable to pay their medical bills should be required to contact their consulate for assistance in transferring funds from home to pay the bill. They're remitting over $100 billion a year offshore; their families will just have to ship it back to pay their bills. If the non-citizen is unwilling or unable to contact their consulate, the hospital or other medical provider should do it for them.

What happens if an American citizen is injured or falls ill while overseas? If they do not have sufficient cash or credit on hand, or insurance which covers them while in the foreign country, they have to call the U.S. consulate, who transfers their funds from home and pays the bills. This is the purpose of any consulate: assist that country's citizens while they are in the foreign country.

Illegal aliens can afford to pay their medical bills. They paid cash in advance (up to $60,000) to their smugglers to get them here. They paid cash to thieves and forgers for stolen, fake or fraudulent documents. They ship tons of cold, hard cash out of this country. If they can pay all these, they can pay their own damn medical bills and stop leeching off citizens.

Gov. Schwarzenegger's ill-begotten plan is a waste of time and money.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Invasion Takes Its Heavy Toll

Concerned about the death toll of US troops in Iraq? You should be more concerned about the heavier toll the invasion of illegal aliens has taken on American streets. A study the GAO released a year-and-a-half ago (April 2005) of 55,322 illegal aliens incarcerated in federal, state, and local facilities during 2003 revealed:

* Those studied represented a total of 459,614 arrests – some eight arrests per illegal alien;
* Their arrests represented a total of about 700,000 criminal offenses – some 13 offenses per illegal alien;
* 36 percent had been arrested at least five times before;
* There were 267,000 illegal alien convicted criminals incarcerated in federal, state & local prisons and jails at the end of 2003.

Things have only gotten worse:

* Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans per day;
* Illegal aliens sexually abuse 8 American children per day;
* 240,000 illegal alien sex offenders in the US have an average of four victims each;
* Illegal alien drunk drivers kill 13 Americans per day.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Study found that 20 percent of fatal car accidents involve at least one unlicensed driver.

Those who argue for drivers licenses for illegal aliens should just shut up: those licenses are used to obtain jobs in violation of employment laws, vote in violation of our laws and constitution, and many illegals continue to drive without licenses - or use false/forged/stolen licenses for identity theft and financial crimes.

I had a "nice little chat" with an insurance investigator in California: every case he has investigated which involved an illegal alien has involved insurance fraud -- staged accidents for the purpose of making false insurance claims, inflated claims for damages, claims for injuries never suffered, claims for injuries to people later proven never to have been in the car at the time of the accident!

Get illegal aliens off our roads, out of our schools and homes, away from our children, and OUT of our country! Zero tolerance for immigration-law violators is the only way to save ten thousand American lives every year.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Season of Taking

Americans are the most generous people in the world. We gave to those on the other side of the world left injured, homeless and hungry by the Sumatra earthquake and tsunami. We gave to those who lost their homes to winds and water of Katrina. We give to countless thousands of charities and even more individuals. The bakery where I often stop on the way to work just baked and donated 1,260 fresh pies for Thanksgiving baskets for the needy in our community.

Americans are grateful for all of our blessings and are always willing to open our hearts and wallets to anyone in genuine need.

Alas, there are those who take advantage of Americans' big hearts and extraordinary generosity. Illegal aliens can ship $100+ billions out of our country each year largely because they take advantage of every opportunity to take Americans' largesse.

The food pantry near me has fights nearly daily as Hispanics raid the day-old baked goods donated by a famous name. Follow them to the tiendas and watch them put these items on their shelves for sale. Some sell directly from the cart they use to take their haul just two or three blocks from the food bank.

Toys for Tots and similar toy donation programs have an ever-growing list of people who claim to "need" toys for their children for Christmas. Yet some of these have as many as half of these toys go not to impoverished parents, but to resellers. "Hot" toys of the season will be sold for hundreds of dollars over their retail price and the proceeds pocketed by people who have no children at all!

Before you open your heart and wallet, investigate carefully. Who really gets the benefit of your generosity? An illegal alien who send his money offshore, then pleads poverty? A greedy seller eager for the infinite profits of selling freebie goods? Is your local Salvation Army or other charity directing its "mission" to "immigrants" (often a misnomer - they are dedicated to helping illegal aliens, not genuine immigrants)? Does the food bank verify SSNs of recipients to insure the food goes to the genuinely needy citizen-residents of the community?

Before you give, beware those who only take. Don't be taken for a sucker.

Happy Thanksgiving! And I pray you will not be among the needy citizens who will not get help because it went to greedy, grasping illegal aliens.

Monday, November 20, 2006

How Can We "Legalize" People If We Don't Know Who They Are?

Identity theft is rampant throughout the USA -- the fastest growing crime in America. A major market for false, forged and stolen identities is illegal aliens. They steal Social Security numbers, credit cards, drivers licenses, passports, student IDs -- anything with a citizen's name and some sort of identification.

"Well, they need SSNs to work - they just want to work" is the mantra of the pro-lawbreaker crowd. But that's totally false. Once they have phony ID and a "job," they obtain loans to buy cars and mortgages to buy houses, and they get credit cards to pay for clothes, groceries, TVs, whatever. They sock away fortunes in their home countries -- those cash "remittances" -- and stick another US citizen with the bills.

Illegal aliens who have been arrested for crimes have been discovered to hold as many as a dozen different sets of ID. So who are they? Sometimes it's hard to determine which country they're from, no less who they really are.

So if we "legalize" any of these people, whose identity shall we give them? The name on their Mexican "matricula consular?" Well, it's documented that one person obtained three legitimate matriculas from the same Mexican consulate in Denver -- all different names and birthdates, same photo. Non-Mexicans have them, too. No security there. Nor with comparable consular IDs issued by Guatemala and other countries.

So their consulates don't know who these people are and dish out worthless cards willy-nilly. We cannot rely on any of these. We cannot rely on any US ID they have bought, forged, or stolen. We have no way of knowing who these people really are.

All we know is that that they have violated US laws, and their presence here is illegal.

So whose ID should we give them if we change the status of any illegal alien? Yours?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Cheap Labor" Is Extremely Expensive

I've just come across some new cost figures for the 20+ million illegal aliens currently consuming taxpayer dollars []:

Remittances to Mexico (2006): $24,279,150,000; total remittances exceed $100 billion (through banks, wire transfers, and other traceable funds, and excluding cash)

K-12 public school attendance: 3.8 million-plus; cost-per-pupil @$5,000 equals $19 billion. This has to be low, as this is calculated at average cost-per-pupil, which in many school districts now approaches $10K, and fails to include the additional services illegal aliens receive, such as ESL and bi-lingual education programs.

Incarcerated illegal aliens convicted of crimes committed in the US: 321,000; cost $1.5 billion. This does not include the costs of the crime itself (property damage, injury, etc.), the costs of prosecution, incarceration of those held without bail awaiting trial, or the costs of public defenders.

Social services to illegal aliens: $397.5 billion.

George Borjas of Harvard calculated the wages lost by American workers at $138 billion a year.

$100 + 19 + 1.5 + 397.5 + 138 (billions) = $656 billion, or $32,800 per illegal alien per year. In addition to any wages they earn (illegally), and their proceeds from crimes, they scrounge up an additional amount exceeding many citizens' annual gross wages.

There are far more costs we've missed, much of it on state and local levels, such as medical clinics for the uninsured; school breakfast and lunch programs; food banks; food, clothing and household goods given to illegals by assorted charities. In short, they get much of their living costs covered by social services, charities, etc. and ship out their cash.

How well could you and your family live if you received another $32,800 per person in your household? How well could you live if your taxes were reduced by your share of that $656 billion (about $4,000 per year per American worker)? How much better could all citizens live if that $100 billion sucked out of our economy were recycled through our economy?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Voting: Our Right, Our Responsibility

I lived overseas for many years. In many ways, that experience made me more "American" - certainly more appreciative of the Great Experiment in Democracy. Since I returned to the States, each year, in state where I have resided, I have volunteered to work as a pollworker. Tomorrow, I have to get up at 4 a.m. to be at the polls by 5 to set up for the polls to open at 6.

This is what I do to serve my country. To ensure that U.S. citizens vote in as fair and honest a poll as I can help make it. Voting is our most important right, and our greatest responsibility. But voting only works when citizens exercise that right, vote, and have pollworkers determined to ensure the voting process is as fair and honest as possible.

What are you doing to ensure our voting process is as fair and honest as possible? What are you doing to ensure citizens - and only citizens - vote? What are your doing to keep America the Great Experiment in Democracy, the most democratic country the world has experienced to date? What are you doing to enlighten voters to make wise choices?

Be sure to vote!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

What the Feds Don't Want Us to Know

Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and other islamoterrorist groups are smuggling their terrorists across our Southwestern border - disguised as Hispanics. They first go to training camps, particularly in the Tri-Border Region (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina), to learn Spanish and Mexican culture. They then go to Mexico and hire Mexican smugglers to help them enter. Mexicans are happy to smuggle them: they pay up to US$60,000 per person, versus $2,000 per Mexican.

This newly released report ( is frightening. Smugglers have been caught 300 times in the past four years smuggling in radioactive material which could be used to make a "dirty bomb." Border Patrol estimates that for each illegal alien they catch, 3 to 5 get through. If that statistic holds for their "parcels," it could mean islamoterrorists have successfully smuggled 1,000 such packages of radioactive material.

Our first line of defense is our borders. Border security is critical to our country's and our citizens' survival. That has to be backed up with interior enforcement. Prosecute employers who hire illegals - and prosecute those who use fake ID to illegally obtain employment. Prosecute landlords who house illegals - and prosecute tenants who bring in "friends & family" in violation of leases and occupancy regulations. "Sting" day-laborer gathering points. Require proof of the parents' legal residence to enroll their children in public schools or else obtain student visas and pay non-resident tuition (better yet, go home!) Reinstate the requirement that foreigners must register annually, with proof that their visas/resident status are still in effect. Enforce bans against non-citizens obtaining public benefits such as food stamps, Medicaid, WIC, welfare. Restrict tourist visas to 30 days, with the possibility of applying for a 30-day extension with proof of sufficient funds to pay normal tourist expenses (motel, meals, travel, attraction admissions, etc.).

In short, Zero Tolerance for Immigration-Law Violators!

Americans Head Abroad for Medical Care

It's no longer just Californians who head to Tijuana to fill prescriptions or get affordable medical care. Nor is it just Canadian pharmacies where the same drugs cost half their US price. Americans head to Singapore, Thailand, India and elsewhere to obtain affordable medical care.

Why did excellent British-trained medical care in Hong Kong cost less than half of equivalent US-care when I lived there? No insurance, no clerical staff to complete endless insurance forms, no waiting months - even a year or more - for payment. Patients paid cash on-the-spot, and if they had insurance, they filed the paperwork and got reimbursement. Less overhead for the doctors and hospitals, even though rents for office space exceeded NYC rates.

When I worked for a California hospital, the Administrator told me 25% of each hospital bill was administrative costs - insurance billing, record keeping, et al. Another 25% was cost-shifting - covering uncompensated care for illegal aliens. In one case, a wealthy Tijuana man smuggled his grandmother over the border for $100,000+ heart surgery, knowing she could claim to be "unable" to pay the bill and get the care for free. The cost of the same surgery in Tijuana's premier medical facility would have been about $10,000.

While illegal aliens and "medical tourists" come here for "free" (i.e. paid by American patients and their insurers) care, Americans now have to flock overseas to find needed care at a price they can afford. Half a million went abroad for needed surgery last year.

Heart bypass surgery averages $130,000+ in the US; $10,000 in India; $11,000 in Thailand; $18,500 in Singapore.

Over 46 million uninsured cannot get or cannot afford insurance premiums, no less the care itself. So why is medical care so unaffordable in the US?

1. "Free" care for illegal aliens is not free - the costs are shifted to paying patients, i.e. American citizens.

2. Insurance used to be non-profit, like Blue Cross-Blue Shield; now insurers have armies of high-cost "marketing" staff, advertising expenses. And they have to make a profit after paying all the bills.

3. An astounding amount of the cost of medical care is administrative, especially billing staff to handle the complex insurance reimbursement red tape. You're not just paying for doctors, nurses, and the actual medical care.

4. Medical schools love foreign students - they get federal funds for each one, but nothing for training Americans. So many qualified Americans are closed out of medical careers, their school spaces taken by foreigners. The ones who do make it in end up with humongous debt loads - over $125,000 is the average. So when they graduate, they have to go where the money is to pay off their debts: high-paid specialties in affluent areas. They cannot go to rural areas where needed and still pay off student loans. The more foreign doctors we bring in, the tougher it is for Americans to cover the costs of their medical education.

What to do?

1. Stop subsidizing medical education for foreigners and put that money toward educating Americans. Stop bringing in foreign medical personnel. Americans need those jobs.

2. For American citizens who can't pay the bills, the hospital will apply for Medicaid, work out payment plans, put a lien on their home - anything to get paid. For non-citizens, they shrug their shoulders. Hospitals should have to go to the foreign citizen's consulate for assistance in transferring funds from home and transportation home for continuing care. "Stabilize and transport" must be our policy for non-citizens. Insist consulates fulfill their mission: transfer patient's funds from home or foot the bill and get reimbursement in accordance with that country's laws. (This is exactly what the US consulates do for Americans who have medical emergencies while abroad. It is the purpose of a consulate!)

3. Uninsured patients should not be charged two to three times as much as insurance reimbursement. One price for all. If the uninsured only had to pay the same as the hospital gets from insurers, the bills would be much more affordable!

4. Require tourists present proof of medical insurance to enter the country. End the medical "tourists" who drive straight from the airport to the hospital for "free" medical care. Short-term travellers' medical insurance does not add much to a vacation's cost. Those who can afford to fly to the US for a month's "vacation" can afford travellers' medical coverage.

American medical services should be available to Americans, not just foreigners.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Scandal in Oklahoma

Oklahoma's Department of Human Services suspended one of its workers for telling a food stamp applicant that it was illegal for illegal aliens to receive food stamps. The illegal alien complained he was "intimidated" from applying for food stamps. Stephen Thomas, the worker who obeyed the law, was suspended without pay. It cost him $10,000 in legal fees to clear his name and get his job back. Tonight Lou Dobbs (CNN) showed a segment of the state's staff training video which all but spells out that department employees should evade the law. "We're not the immigration police."

Well, sorry, but you are. Under the law, illegal aliens are forbidden from receiving food stamps, among other benefits. There's also a law prohibiting legal immigrants from becoming "public charges," and they can lose their resident status for leeching off the public purse. Of course, the laws are designed to ensure that immigrants are self-supporting and to protect taxpaying citizens. Eligibility workers' job is to ensure applicants abide by the laws.

Welfare departments around the country are providing illegal aliens with food stamps, Medicaid, welfare, WIC and other state and federal tax money. They typically put the application in the name of a "US-born child."

There are major problems with this:

1. The benefits go to the parents, not the child. Parents pay their rent, utilities, gas for their cars, groceries for themselves. The child does not get the check, does not get the food stamps, does not do the grocery shopping.

2. The law prohibits food stamps, etc. from going to households headed by illegal aliens. If a parent is here in violation of the law, the household is not eligible. It is irrelevant where their child was born.

3. A child is entitled to citizenship in its parents' country of citizenship. A child born to Mexican parents is a Mexican citizen under Mexican law. The parents can get their child a Mexican passport at any Mexican consulate. Ditto for Malaysians, Chinese, etc. Even if born here, kids are not automatically "US citizens."

4. The practice of issuing food stamps and other benefits to "US-born children" has spurred the value of child-identity theft. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the US, according to the FBI; child-identity theft is growing far more rapidly than adult-identity theft. Parents smuggle their children in, and buy copies of US-born children's birth certificates, then apply for benefits for their identity-theft "anchor baby."

Make sure your state is not handing over your money to illegal aliens.