Thursday, November 30, 2006

Big Boost in California's Cost of Illegal Immigration

California's Gov. Schwarzenegger is promoting a new health care plan for California that will cost a minimum of $9.4 billion. At least half of the cost will go to support illegal aliens, not U.S. citizens. In 2004, health care costs for Californians topped $169 billion. Over a third of that was paid out by Medicare and Medi-Cal. So where are Californians going to come up with another $9.4 billion?

The state's budget deficit is already in excess of $5 billion. The state ranks 45th in business climate; businesses are leaving the state because it's just too costly to do business there. Another mandate that will cost nearly double amount of the current budget deficit just adds to the costs of doing business and the tax burdens of citizens.

There is a better way to provide medical care to illegal aliens, one that won't cost citizens an arm and a leg and a job. Any non-citizen who claims to be unable to pay their medical bills should be required to contact their consulate for assistance in transferring funds from home to pay the bill. They're remitting over $100 billion a year offshore; their families will just have to ship it back to pay their bills. If the non-citizen is unwilling or unable to contact their consulate, the hospital or other medical provider should do it for them.

What happens if an American citizen is injured or falls ill while overseas? If they do not have sufficient cash or credit on hand, or insurance which covers them while in the foreign country, they have to call the U.S. consulate, who transfers their funds from home and pays the bills. This is the purpose of any consulate: assist that country's citizens while they are in the foreign country.

Illegal aliens can afford to pay their medical bills. They paid cash in advance (up to $60,000) to their smugglers to get them here. They paid cash to thieves and forgers for stolen, fake or fraudulent documents. They ship tons of cold, hard cash out of this country. If they can pay all these, they can pay their own damn medical bills and stop leeching off citizens.

Gov. Schwarzenegger's ill-begotten plan is a waste of time and money.


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