Monday, November 20, 2006

How Can We "Legalize" People If We Don't Know Who They Are?

Identity theft is rampant throughout the USA -- the fastest growing crime in America. A major market for false, forged and stolen identities is illegal aliens. They steal Social Security numbers, credit cards, drivers licenses, passports, student IDs -- anything with a citizen's name and some sort of identification.

"Well, they need SSNs to work - they just want to work" is the mantra of the pro-lawbreaker crowd. But that's totally false. Once they have phony ID and a "job," they obtain loans to buy cars and mortgages to buy houses, and they get credit cards to pay for clothes, groceries, TVs, whatever. They sock away fortunes in their home countries -- those cash "remittances" -- and stick another US citizen with the bills.

Illegal aliens who have been arrested for crimes have been discovered to hold as many as a dozen different sets of ID. So who are they? Sometimes it's hard to determine which country they're from, no less who they really are.

So if we "legalize" any of these people, whose identity shall we give them? The name on their Mexican "matricula consular?" Well, it's documented that one person obtained three legitimate matriculas from the same Mexican consulate in Denver -- all different names and birthdates, same photo. Non-Mexicans have them, too. No security there. Nor with comparable consular IDs issued by Guatemala and other countries.

So their consulates don't know who these people are and dish out worthless cards willy-nilly. We cannot rely on any of these. We cannot rely on any US ID they have bought, forged, or stolen. We have no way of knowing who these people really are.

All we know is that that they have violated US laws, and their presence here is illegal.

So whose ID should we give them if we change the status of any illegal alien? Yours?


Blogger Daisnte said...

This country was founded on principles like "respect for the law," and "no one is above the law." If a President is not above the law, what makes these invaders think they are? Boot them out and keep them out! Anyone who breaks the law is NOT fit for citizenship - or even a visa!

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