Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Scandal in Oklahoma

Oklahoma's Department of Human Services suspended one of its workers for telling a food stamp applicant that it was illegal for illegal aliens to receive food stamps. The illegal alien complained he was "intimidated" from applying for food stamps. Stephen Thomas, the worker who obeyed the law, was suspended without pay. It cost him $10,000 in legal fees to clear his name and get his job back. Tonight Lou Dobbs (CNN) showed a segment of the state's staff training video which all but spells out that department employees should evade the law. "We're not the immigration police."

Well, sorry, but you are. Under the law, illegal aliens are forbidden from receiving food stamps, among other benefits. There's also a law prohibiting legal immigrants from becoming "public charges," and they can lose their resident status for leeching off the public purse. Of course, the laws are designed to ensure that immigrants are self-supporting and to protect taxpaying citizens. Eligibility workers' job is to ensure applicants abide by the laws.

Welfare departments around the country are providing illegal aliens with food stamps, Medicaid, welfare, WIC and other state and federal tax money. They typically put the application in the name of a "US-born child."

There are major problems with this:

1. The benefits go to the parents, not the child. Parents pay their rent, utilities, gas for their cars, groceries for themselves. The child does not get the check, does not get the food stamps, does not do the grocery shopping.

2. The law prohibits food stamps, etc. from going to households headed by illegal aliens. If a parent is here in violation of the law, the household is not eligible. It is irrelevant where their child was born.

3. A child is entitled to citizenship in its parents' country of citizenship. A child born to Mexican parents is a Mexican citizen under Mexican law. The parents can get their child a Mexican passport at any Mexican consulate. Ditto for Malaysians, Chinese, etc. Even if born here, kids are not automatically "US citizens."

4. The practice of issuing food stamps and other benefits to "US-born children" has spurred the value of child-identity theft. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the US, according to the FBI; child-identity theft is growing far more rapidly than adult-identity theft. Parents smuggle their children in, and buy copies of US-born children's birth certificates, then apply for benefits for their identity-theft "anchor baby."

Make sure your state is not handing over your money to illegal aliens.


Blogger Daisnte said...

No wonder I'm broke. Taxes take an ever larger chunk out of my ever-shrinking paycheck. And my hard-earned money is feeding, housing, schooling a damn bunch of criminals. I am so-o-o-o fed up with this sh**!

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