Saturday, November 04, 2006

What the Feds Don't Want Us to Know

Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and other islamoterrorist groups are smuggling their terrorists across our Southwestern border - disguised as Hispanics. They first go to training camps, particularly in the Tri-Border Region (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina), to learn Spanish and Mexican culture. They then go to Mexico and hire Mexican smugglers to help them enter. Mexicans are happy to smuggle them: they pay up to US$60,000 per person, versus $2,000 per Mexican.

This newly released report ( is frightening. Smugglers have been caught 300 times in the past four years smuggling in radioactive material which could be used to make a "dirty bomb." Border Patrol estimates that for each illegal alien they catch, 3 to 5 get through. If that statistic holds for their "parcels," it could mean islamoterrorists have successfully smuggled 1,000 such packages of radioactive material.

Our first line of defense is our borders. Border security is critical to our country's and our citizens' survival. That has to be backed up with interior enforcement. Prosecute employers who hire illegals - and prosecute those who use fake ID to illegally obtain employment. Prosecute landlords who house illegals - and prosecute tenants who bring in "friends & family" in violation of leases and occupancy regulations. "Sting" day-laborer gathering points. Require proof of the parents' legal residence to enroll their children in public schools or else obtain student visas and pay non-resident tuition (better yet, go home!) Reinstate the requirement that foreigners must register annually, with proof that their visas/resident status are still in effect. Enforce bans against non-citizens obtaining public benefits such as food stamps, Medicaid, WIC, welfare. Restrict tourist visas to 30 days, with the possibility of applying for a 30-day extension with proof of sufficient funds to pay normal tourist expenses (motel, meals, travel, attraction admissions, etc.).

In short, Zero Tolerance for Immigration-Law Violators!


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