Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Citizens Charged for Illegal Aliens' Income Taxes

Illegal aliens often protest that they "pay taxes," although study after study show the majority of illegal aliens who work pay no income, Social Security, or other taxes.

But citizens -- victims of identity theft by illegal aliens who steal their SSNs to work -- are being billed for income taxes due on the illegal aliens' wages. One Jason Smith was dunned by the IRS for $12,000 in back taxes for the illegal alien who used Smith's SSN to work at a chicken processing plant for three years. [Christian Science Monitor, 12/18/06, "Crossing the ID Border"]

Most identity theft has been financial identity theft: use of someone else's identity and credit to raid their accounts or open new accounts. But many illegal aliens hijack citizens' SSNs to illegally obtain jobs. When filling out their W-4 form, they list a high number of dependents. Thus, no withholding. However, when the illegal aliens' incomes are added to the income of the legitimate SSN holder, the citizen not only gets stuck with the bill for the illegals' taxes; the added income usually bumps citizens into a higher tax bracket, resulting in higher taxes paid on their own income as well as taxes on the illegal aliens' income.

With the IRS, you are guilty until proven innocent. It may take years to prove you never earned said income. Legal costs for tax attorneys are high (tax attorneys have among the highest billable rates of all attorney specializations).

Most identity theft is now perpetrated by organized crime rings. And the largest single market is illegal aliens. Add another dangerous consequence of having your identity stolen: a big bill from the IRS.

And anytime you hear illegal aliens or their apologists whine that they pay taxes, don't you believe it. You could be one the paying the income taxes owed by illegal alien identity thieves.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Another Bogus Study Distorts Illegals' "Contributions"

The Texas State Comptroller's Office has just issued a study which purports to show that illegal aliens pump $17.7 billion dollars a year into the Texas state economy, and $420 million more into state tax coffers than they use in state services. Like so many studies which show some "benefit" from illegal immigration, this one, too, is distorted. Unlike so many of these bogus studies, this one does admit there's a problem with the results.

To quote the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, "The report, believed to be the first ever to calculate the cost of illegal immigration to a U.S. state, also found that local governments pay far more to provide services to the undocumented than they recoup in taxes, fees and other revenue sources."

In other words, they eliminated the costs of education of illegals' children, local law enforcement, and other local services. They certainly never considered infrastructure costs: roads, school construction, sewers and water, etc., either state or local.

The Star-Telegram quoted Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn as saying, "there is little doubt that if we took undocumented immigrants out of the work force, $17.7 billion would disappear from the Texas economy.”

This is the utmost in errant nonsense. Absent the lawbreaking aliens, any jobs which need to be done would be performed by US citizens and legal immigrants, and those $17.7 billion in earnings (and probably more) would go to those legal Texas residents, and more of that $17.7 billion would stay in Texas - the study fails to mention how much of illegal aliens' earnings are shipped out of the country, not just out of of the state.

Texas has no state income tax, so illegals can't dodge that. They will pay state sales tax on purchases, if they shop at legitimate stores which forward sales taxes to the state. But foreign-owned shops, sidewalk peddlers, and goods sold "under the table" evade sales tax. Citizens rarely try that dodge, but illegals running these operations are themselves under the radar and much more easily evade scrutiny and taxes.

And what about those goods they do buy? Watch immigrants, including illegals, at any WalMart, grocery store, supermarket: they bypass US rice for imported rice. Hispanics go for Goya; Asians buy Thai. Mexicans aren't buying Bud; they get Dos Equis, tequila, and other beverages imported from Mexico. Immigrants are an important factor in our trade deficit, but no one has ever determined how much that costs us.

Other unadmitted, but likely, distortions: did they calculate state aid and Medicaid to children of illegal aliens? If they pay out a cent toward "children," it actually goes into the illegal aliens' pockets. What about school breakfast and lunch programs? Much of the money comes from federal tax dollars, but they don't identify - and bar from benefits - children of illegal aliens.

A $17.7 billion economic boost? No, illegal aliens in Texas are a $17.7 billion-plus-plus-plus loss to the economic well-being of citizen-Texans.
[Star-Telegram: http://www.dfw.com/mld/dfw/16189877.htm; state report: http://www.cpa.state.tx.us/specialrpt/undocumented/undocumented.pdf]

Thursday, December 07, 2006

'Tis the Season to Be Child Smuggling

The holiday season is upon us and the instance of child smuggling is surging. The Office of Refugee Resettlement, which handles smuggled minors caught inside the US, shelters over 8,000 children a year. Those caught at the border, for example, the 218 caught in the past two months at Laredo's two bridges, are returned to Mexico.

When parents decide to illegally enter the US, most leave their children behind. These kids may be left with relatives for months, even years. But if the parents get established in the US - some income, a place to live - they then hire smugglers or pay friends or relatives back home to smuggle in their kids. The kids are not only subjected to harsh desert crossings, or being drugged and crammed into hidden compartments in vehicles, often with people who are strangers to them. They may be raped, sold, forced into begging or prostitution, or held in overcrowded and unsanitary "safe houses" until their parents scrabble together the remainder of their smuggling fees.

(Smugglers charge cash-in-advance fees to get them across the border and, if successful in getting across the border, then collect the remainder of the fee for transport to the destination, false documents, etc. Parents do not always have the second part of the fees ready, waiting to see if the first stage is successful.)

The Office of Refugee Resettlement says 65% of the illegal-alien children they shelter (at taxpayers' expense) are handed over to "undocumented" relatives in the US. In short, if you smuggle your kid into the States, the kid stays and citizens pay.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement is not the appropriate agency to handle smuggled children. They are aiding and abetting multiple crimes: smuggling, illegal immigration, child abandonment and neglect. These kids are not refugees, and should have no right or expectation to be supported by taxpayers. They should not be handed over to undocumented aliens - who knows who these people are? The kids don't - they may not have seen their parents in years, or were too young when abandoned to have any memory of the parents who abandoned them. They have been torn from the homes and relatives they know, torn from their community, their friends, their school chums, and sent off on a hazardous journey with known criminals to a foreign place where they do not know the language, the people, or even the parents who claim them.

Unaccompanied minors should be barred from entry into the US, except those over 16 who are legitimate foreign exchange students with a recognized international organization and will be living with a screened family for one school year. Any unaccompanied minor should be held in immigration facilities until their country of citizenship is ascertained, then turned over to that country's consulate for repatriation.

Parents will stop abandoning their children, then subjecting them to smuggling, when there is no way to expect their children can stay here at citizens' expense. It is totally inhumane to allow child smuggling, but parents will do it as long as they can get away with it.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Great Illegal Alien Auto Insurance Con

Several years ago, when I still lived in Mexifornia, I was tipped off to an odd auto insurance scam. So I spent a morning observing traffic court in Glendale. Sure enough, a young man charged with running a red light and hitting another car and having no auto insurance presented the judge with an insurance card, dated and timed less than an hour before the accident. The judge dropped the "no insurance" charge, although the receipt he presented for the first insurance premium was dated three days after the accident.

Ironically, the next person to appear had similar charges: moving violation resulting in an accident, no proof of insurance. He, too, presented the judge with an insurance card, dated and timed about an hour before the accident. But his premium payment receipt was likewise dated after the accident. The judge did the judicial equivalent of busting a gut: both insurance policies were written by the same insurance agent.

Months later a newspaper reported that agent, et alia, were indicted for insurance fraud.

How the scam worked:

All were immigrants/illegal aliens of the same national origin. For a side payment to the agent, uninsured drivers - only of that nationality! - could, after an accident get a backdated auto insurance policy. Then they presented it to the judge to get the charges related to failure to meet the state's fiscal responsibility laws dropped, and stick the unsuspecting insurer with the bills for damages. Entre to this exclusive circle was strictly limited to "recommendations" of compatriots - a rather Mafiosa-style "family."

California subsequently stiffened their fiscal responsibility laws - any policy that was cancelled or not renewed was reported to the State. No insurance, no renewal of registration or license.

That tactic has proven futile. In the current crackdown, over 180,000 car owners in California have already been notified that the State is moving to suspend their car registrations. Several hundred thousand more are expected to receive suspension notices within the next few months. See: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-suspend6dec06%2C0%2C5656833.story

Illegal aliens, whether they are licensed or not, often do not get car insurance. They often don't even register their vehicles, or register them in another person's (or ficticious person's) name. They steal license plates, get stolen or falsified registration papers, lift stickers off legitimate plates and glue them on their own expired plates. They buy falsified, forged or stolen insurance cards. They steal cars, along with the registration papers and insurance cards kept in the glove compartment, then not only chop the cars, but divvy up the paperwork and plates among multiple vehicles or use them as the basis for forgeries.

I no longer carry any paperwork for the car in the glove compartment. If my car were ever stolen, they could not get the papers - I still have them. I suggest you keep your license, registration and insurance card "on the driver" rather than "in the vehicle," despite any state laws. Yes, you must have your proper documents in the vehicle when you are driving, just don't leave them in there!

Urge your legislators to oppose licenses for illegal aliens. Despite the common argument that "they could then get insurance," they simply don't do it. Demand more stringent enforcement fiscal responsibility laws. Fight for protection against and prosecution of false, forged, stolen and falsified licenses, registration papers, and insurance cards. And demand strict punishment for driving without a license. Giving illegal aliens a driving license too often amounts to giving them a license to con.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lies Earn a Pass for Politico's Illegal Alien Wife

The illegal alien wife of Georgia State Senator Curt Thompson has gotten a judge to okay her parole. She had been under a deportation order for failure to appear in court on her asylum application. This is an absolute travesty of immigration law.

Sascha Herrera, 28, arrived in 2003 on a tourist visa obtained to visit relatives living in the US. She got an extension, then signed an application for asylum. She later got into college and obtained a student visa. She never appeared for court dates on her asylum application.

She belongs in jail. Under US law, anyone who applies for a tourist visa intending anything other than a short-term stay as a tourist commits fraud. If you get a tourist visa and start job-hunting, that's fraud. If you get a tourist visa, then sign a lease for an apartment, that's fraud. She obviously never intended a short-term "visit." She came here intending to stay. That's fraud - a felony, and a bar to future visas, visits, immigration applications.

She claims the "notario" filed her asylum application without her knowledge. However, she went to the notario, she accepted his advice of applying for asylum, and she signed the application. Furthermore, she knew she was under a deportation order, and fled and hid before finally emerging from hiding today -- "fleeing felon."

When she claimed to the judge today that this was a "paperwork mix-up" and "done without her knowledge," she outright lied. She signed the application, and admits she signed the application. The judge was stupid enough to buy this story from someone who has a history of lying.

Senator Thompson is an outspoken advocate for illegal aliens. Of course, he has a wife (since April of this year) who has repeatedly violated immigration laws, including committing fraud.

I don't know about ol' Curt, but I wouldn't want a spouse who has committed fraud and perjury. If she'll lie in court, how much easier to lie to him. Did she marry him because she saw green (card)? He may never know. But we do know Georgians cannot trust this man to represent citizens' rights.