Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Citizens Charged for Illegal Aliens' Income Taxes

Illegal aliens often protest that they "pay taxes," although study after study show the majority of illegal aliens who work pay no income, Social Security, or other taxes.

But citizens -- victims of identity theft by illegal aliens who steal their SSNs to work -- are being billed for income taxes due on the illegal aliens' wages. One Jason Smith was dunned by the IRS for $12,000 in back taxes for the illegal alien who used Smith's SSN to work at a chicken processing plant for three years. [Christian Science Monitor, 12/18/06, "Crossing the ID Border"]

Most identity theft has been financial identity theft: use of someone else's identity and credit to raid their accounts or open new accounts. But many illegal aliens hijack citizens' SSNs to illegally obtain jobs. When filling out their W-4 form, they list a high number of dependents. Thus, no withholding. However, when the illegal aliens' incomes are added to the income of the legitimate SSN holder, the citizen not only gets stuck with the bill for the illegals' taxes; the added income usually bumps citizens into a higher tax bracket, resulting in higher taxes paid on their own income as well as taxes on the illegal aliens' income.

With the IRS, you are guilty until proven innocent. It may take years to prove you never earned said income. Legal costs for tax attorneys are high (tax attorneys have among the highest billable rates of all attorney specializations).

Most identity theft is now perpetrated by organized crime rings. And the largest single market is illegal aliens. Add another dangerous consequence of having your identity stolen: a big bill from the IRS.

And anytime you hear illegal aliens or their apologists whine that they pay taxes, don't you believe it. You could be one the paying the income taxes owed by illegal alien identity thieves.


Blogger Daisnte said...

These criminals have figured out all the angles on how to get rich off US citizens - welfare, food stamps, use our hard earned credit to buy their cars & TVs, and now evade income taxes by having us foot the bill. I am so-o-o-o fed up with this. Boot every last one of these criminals out of our country!

9:27 AM  
Blogger elgringo said...

I agree that most of the illegal immmigrants who come to this country are more of a burden than any good because I am one of them. I was born in Mexico brought here when I was only 4 years old. I graduatede from High being in the top ten percent, Nc Scholar and many other recognitions for which I am proud of. I don't want anybody to just feel sorry for me and hand me over my citizenship but not being here legally has shut down many of my dreams like for instance getting a higher education and going to college. Not being here legally, I have to pay out-of -state tuition which I cannot afford. But being an "alien" lets me see that if I had an identity in this country I would worry more about breaking the law beacause it would be much easier to track me down,where I live ,where I work, what type of car I drive etc. being in the shadows I can just make up another name and continue with my life. By having no identity I dont' really have to worry abouthospital bills and so forth because I do not exist. So be realistic about this, there is no way you are getting rid of the larggest minority in the United States without having the economy crumble. Having us in the shadows is really doing us a favor in many other ways. I respect the american way am grateful for being here, I agree that anyone who comes here and commits a crime should be deported but I also think that those of us who are law abiding "aliens" don't have to pay for the mistakes of our "compadres". I would be willing to pay any reasonable fine to be able to become part of the country which I like to call my indefinite home.

7:08 PM  

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