Friday, January 26, 2007

No Just Cause for Contest Here

Illegal aliens are suing those who award prizes if they don't -- illegally -- get a prize. At New Year's, Toys R Us offered a $25,000 prize to the parents of the first baby born in the New Year. Eligibility rules stipulated that the mother must be a citizen or legal resident. The first child born in 2007 was to an illegal alien from China. The mother squawked that she should get the prize. Toys R Us wound up issuing 3 of the $25,000 checks: two to illegal-alien mothers and one to a citizen.

Now Maribel Nava Alvarez is suing a Chicago radio station for a Corvette. She says the only requirement was that the winner be present at the drawing. [Chicago Sun-Times; Yahoo! News]

She's wrong. Federal law requires that winners of any raffle, prize, drawing, lottery, etc. be a citizen or legal resident, have a valid Social Security Number, and they are liable for the taxes due on the value of the prize. In fact, for large or valuable prizes, they often have to pay have to pay the taxes up front. Lotteries routinely pay out state and federal taxes before the winner sees a cent; the winner's SSN is verified and the taxes paid. No valid SSN, no eligibility, no prize.

Toys R Us apparently got around the requirements by giving their prizes in the names of new babies, although of course, the parent actually gets control of the funds, and the baby born to the Chinese woman has the right to Chinese citizenship. The radio station has no such "loophole."

Maribel claims, that for fear of being turned over to ICE, she has had to move from the Chicago area with her two children, and cut off contact with her family. But she has hired an attorney and is suing the radio station.

1. The judge should require her to post bond in the amount of state and federal income taxes to be paid before he hears the case. If she were to get this prize, she would have to pay taxes on it. If she cannot (or will not) pay taxes, she she should be forced to drop her suit.

2. The radio station should fight. The are merely obeying the law; Maribel is not.

3. ICE needs to find this woman and deport her. But before they ship her out, they should collect all the state and federal income taxes she obviously has never paid in her years of living and working here illegally. Without an SSN, she could not file her taxes, therefore, she obviously has not paid them!

Maribel, the Chinese mother, and others like them just add more proof that so many illegal aliens are simply leeches, out to suck up something for nothing. They not only believe that they are above immigration laws, but that no other laws apply to them, either.

Our laws relating to illegal immigration need to be more stringently enforced. There is no just cause for Maribel, or others like her, to contest the judges' decisions in awarding prizes. They are not legally entitled to receive such prizes, whether the contest rules spell it out or not: it's the law.

One of our founding principles was "No one is above the law." If we do not prosecute these lawbreakers, we merely confirm that our laws only apply to some (i.e. citizens), and not others. It's a slap in the face of our country's founders and every law-abiding citizen who subscribes to those principles. The principle has value, and needs to be upheld or the United States of America and the ideals which established it are dead.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The California Freeze: Double Whammy in the Wallet

The Big Freeze in California has wiped out a substantial portion of oranges, strawberries and other crops in the San Joaquin Valley. Final figures still to be assessed, but so far it looks like 80-90% of the navel orange crop. Thousands of farmworkers and packers are being laid off, and truckers are the next workers likely to be impacted.

Do you think those illegal aliens will head home now that the "jobs" they supposedly came for don't exist? HAA!

Gov. Schwartzenegger says the State will offer assistance to all affected laborers, regardless of their immigration status. Assistance will include food programs, temporary housing, low-income energy assistance, and "other social programs."

In short, the citizens of the US, and especially those in California, not only get whacked in the wallet for oranges and other foods. Now we are expected to provide additional support to people who violated our immigration laws, illegally took jobs, and all too often are already on the dole as well for their "US-born children" (who may be identity-theft babies, not really US-born). While lower- and middle-income Americans give up fresh fruits and other produce, cut back or take the whack, criminals get us to buy these now-"luxury" items for them!

While the growers try to convince Congress (and the Dems require little-to-no "convincing") that there is a massive shortage of farm labor and a need for vast increases in "guest" workers, will these thousands of laid-off farm workers go where they are needed? Find other jobs?

HAA! Not as long as they can get handouts courtesy of California's taxpaying citizens.

Gov. Jerry Brown, that ditzy post-Flower Child gov, was called "Governor Moonbeam." How about dubbing Gov. Schwartzenegger "Governor Moonbat"? Definitely a severe case of bats in his bellfry. Maybe he took too many whacks to the old nut in his Holly-rude days -- his brain is now as battered as an Everlast punching bag.

Californians: Tell Gov. Moonbat, "Zero Tolerance for Immigration-Law Violators" means not one red cent from citizens' wallets for illegal aliens' food and housing. He's not going to listen to an ex-Californian like me.

Monday, January 08, 2007

It's a Crime!

Paulo Sheispan-Landero is a criminal illegal alien. He has already been deported - and he returned to Wisconsin within a week. He was again arrested - on felony charges for alleged sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl. Although he is an illegal alien, has previously been deported and is therefore subject to a 20-year Federal sentence for re-entry after deportation, and faces 25 years on the sexual assault charges, he was released on a measly little $5,000 bond. He failed to appear for his court date last week and is now wanted on a fugitive warrant.

Every illegal alien is a fugitive from justice. They committed a felony when they entered without inspection or "overstayed" a tourist visa (visa fraud - anyone who applies for a tourist visa with the intent of remaining in the US or seeking employment commits fraud, and is so advised right on the application!) If they hired and paid a smuggler, that's criminal conspiracy: felony. If they work without authorization, that's a felony. If they use false, forged or stolen identification, that's a felony. Illegal aliens are guilty of multiple felonies (this does not count their misdemeanors), and should be prosecuted for each crime they commit. They are career criminals - each and every one.

Since they have already demonstrated their ability and willingness to violate the law time and again, demonstrated their ability and willingness to slip across national boundaries undetected, demonstrated their ability and willingness to evade law enforcement (often for extended periods), they should be automatically ineligible for bail any time they are arrested for any sort of crime.

Requirements for bail are typically "ties to the community" and a lack of flight risk. But illegal aliens have already proven they can - and have - fled internationally. They have a home in and ties to another country, not the local community where they were arrested or even the US as a whole. Any illegal alien is a flight risk - they have already proven that!

Zero tolerance for immigration-law violators also demands zero chance of bail.

Taxis: For Muslims Only

The brouhaha at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport continues. Three-fourths of the taxi drivers there are Somali Muslims, and they have refused to take passengers carrying alcohol or passengers with dogs - including blind people with seeing-eye dogs. Passengers are often stranded on the sidewalks for an hour or more until a non-Muslim taxi driver comes along.

What does the Council on American-Islamic Relations have to say? According to Damon Drake, CAIR's local "outreach director," "Now that the Muslims are here, they need to be accommodated." Of course, Muslims do not have to accommodate Americans or abide by anti-discrimation laws.

CAIR is often touted as a "civil rights" organization. It's primary concern is denying civil rights -- or ordinary decency -- to anyone who is "other than Muslim." CAIR does not really care about civil rights; they care about making everyone bend over to islamofascist demands.

Minneapolis-St. Paul needs to crack down on these taxi drivers. Refusing to pick up a passenger should be grounds for revocation of the taxi driver's license to operate. Anyone who is the victim of these taxi drivers at MSP needs to take the cabbie's license number and complain - vehemently - to the taxi licensing authority.

And be on the lookout for such discriminatory practices at other airports!