Monday, January 08, 2007

It's a Crime!

Paulo Sheispan-Landero is a criminal illegal alien. He has already been deported - and he returned to Wisconsin within a week. He was again arrested - on felony charges for alleged sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl. Although he is an illegal alien, has previously been deported and is therefore subject to a 20-year Federal sentence for re-entry after deportation, and faces 25 years on the sexual assault charges, he was released on a measly little $5,000 bond. He failed to appear for his court date last week and is now wanted on a fugitive warrant.

Every illegal alien is a fugitive from justice. They committed a felony when they entered without inspection or "overstayed" a tourist visa (visa fraud - anyone who applies for a tourist visa with the intent of remaining in the US or seeking employment commits fraud, and is so advised right on the application!) If they hired and paid a smuggler, that's criminal conspiracy: felony. If they work without authorization, that's a felony. If they use false, forged or stolen identification, that's a felony. Illegal aliens are guilty of multiple felonies (this does not count their misdemeanors), and should be prosecuted for each crime they commit. They are career criminals - each and every one.

Since they have already demonstrated their ability and willingness to violate the law time and again, demonstrated their ability and willingness to slip across national boundaries undetected, demonstrated their ability and willingness to evade law enforcement (often for extended periods), they should be automatically ineligible for bail any time they are arrested for any sort of crime.

Requirements for bail are typically "ties to the community" and a lack of flight risk. But illegal aliens have already proven they can - and have - fled internationally. They have a home in and ties to another country, not the local community where they were arrested or even the US as a whole. Any illegal alien is a flight risk - they have already proven that!

Zero tolerance for immigration-law violators also demands zero chance of bail.


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