Monday, January 08, 2007

Taxis: For Muslims Only

The brouhaha at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport continues. Three-fourths of the taxi drivers there are Somali Muslims, and they have refused to take passengers carrying alcohol or passengers with dogs - including blind people with seeing-eye dogs. Passengers are often stranded on the sidewalks for an hour or more until a non-Muslim taxi driver comes along.

What does the Council on American-Islamic Relations have to say? According to Damon Drake, CAIR's local "outreach director," "Now that the Muslims are here, they need to be accommodated." Of course, Muslims do not have to accommodate Americans or abide by anti-discrimation laws.

CAIR is often touted as a "civil rights" organization. It's primary concern is denying civil rights -- or ordinary decency -- to anyone who is "other than Muslim." CAIR does not really care about civil rights; they care about making everyone bend over to islamofascist demands.

Minneapolis-St. Paul needs to crack down on these taxi drivers. Refusing to pick up a passenger should be grounds for revocation of the taxi driver's license to operate. Anyone who is the victim of these taxi drivers at MSP needs to take the cabbie's license number and complain - vehemently - to the taxi licensing authority.

And be on the lookout for such discriminatory practices at other airports!


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