Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boycott Banks Enabling Lawbreakers

The National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition (NIIBC) has called for a boycott of the Bank of America and other banks which offer bank accounts and credit cards to illegal aliens. People without Social Security Numbers can offer accounts to those with the notoriously unreliable Matricula Consular from Mexico and similar insecure and unreliable "identification" cards from other countries (e.g. Guatemala).

Bank accounts and credit cards enable criminals, terrorists and their supporters to launder money; enable tax fraud; facilitate money transfers offshore; and enable immigration-law violators to remain in this country - i.e. to continue breaking the law! It is illegal for them to work, yet they can zip money around the world - and the banks have no idea who these account holders really are, where the money is coming from, or whether income taxes have been (or will be) paid when due.

NIIBC has a petition to protest Bank of America's new policy of granting credit cards (Visa) to illegal aliens at The site also lists banks throughout the country which are believed to support and abet illegal immigration.

Check with your bank to verify whether they open accounts for illegal aliens/people with unverifiable, easily obtained, easily forged foreign ID cards. You might seriously consider closing your account if they do. Enabling illegal immigration and other crimes is itself a crime, as well as a potentially dangerous business practice. That bank has set itself up as a prospective target for massive bank fraud! Charge up the card, ship the money offshore, then split, leaving the bank holding an emply account with no way to trace the account holder (who, if traced, can flee the country and disappear), and no way to recover the money.

They're only in it for the money. Banks figure there's huge market in 12 million or more illegal aliens illegally working in this country. And they expect huge profits.

But they help criminals to continue perpetrating crimes. And they expose themselves to potential losses and liabilities that could make them riskier for your investments, your accounts, your tax dollars. (Who do you think insures banks against losses - the federal government through your tax dollars!)

Zero tolerance for immigration-law violators -- and for those who aid and abet their crimes.


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Check it out In the webstore they have anti bank of america buttons

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