Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Questions on Border Shooting Scandal

Two Border Patrol agents have been convicted and sentenced to extraordinarily long prisons terms in what must be the most malicious prosecution in US history. Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were pursuing a suspicious van. Accounts conflict, but basically, the driver fled on foot toward the border, then turned with something in his hand that the agents believed was a gun. They fired several shots, but the suspect ran across the Rio Grande back into Mexico.

The agents picked up their shells, and in the van found 750 pounds of marijuana.

Next, the drug smuggler, who admits he's a Mexican drug smuggler who entered the US illegally, was given immunity from prosecution as well as free medical care for testifying against the Border Patrol agents. He's also suing for $5 million for his injuries from a gunshot wound.

Questions nobody else seems to be asking:

1. If the smuggler was shot by the agents in the thigh and groin, how did he manage to run back across the border into Mexico? With his purported injuries, how could he outrun several fit, trained law enforcement officers?

2. Why didn't anyone find any blood on the ground between the place where the smuggler was shot and the river? Numerous agents searched the area, they picked up the shells, etc., yet there is no mention of any blood anywhere. No wonder the agents were quite certain the smuggler was never hit.

3. Why the bollixed ballistics report? There is no hard evidence that the bullet actually came from one of the border Patrol agents' guns. Egregious mismanagement of the bullet itself as well as the forensics report can only lead one to believe evidence was manufactured to suit the hidden agendas of US Attorney Johnny Sutton.

Everyone assumes a bullet from an agent's gun shot the drug smuggler. That assumption just might be very wrong.

The drug smuggler - an admitted criminal - says he was not armed. But there's no proof. He says he was shot by Border Patrol, but there's not a lick of evidence he was shot in the US, no less by Border Patrol agents.

Possibility: The smuggler was shot in Mexico for leaving his load behind. That 750 pounds of marijuana was worth how much? How many drug czars would pat a mule on the back and shrug off that large a loss? Possibility: the shooting was staged to frame the agents. Possibility: the smuggler was shot in Mexico for any number of reasons unrelated to his smuggling.

There is no hard, incontrovertable evidence for anything in this case.

This case is far from over. We cannot tolerate our law enforcement officials being prosecuted for doing their jobs. Shooting a fleeing felon when there is any suspicion that he's armed is rational behavior. Handcuff the law enforcement officer and you no longer have any law enforcement.

Call the White House (202-456-1111, 9-5 weekdays, Eastern Time), call your Senators and Representative. Demand an investigation that answers these questions, and all the others that have been raised.


Blogger Daisnte said...

You're right -- everyone ASSUMES Davila was shot by the Border Patrol. But your questions make a lot of sense to me.

It makes NO SENSE that a man shot in the thigh/groin could run very far or very fast.

It makes NO SENSE that there was no blood found.

Got another question of my own:

If Davila was supposed to be delivering a load of marijuana somewhere in the US (he did bring it across the border), how come there was somebody waiting to pick him up on the Mexican side after he was intercepted, and after he was shot? How did they know to pick him up?

This is not my America. This is an appalling travesty of "justice." Our government (or at least a lot of its employees)does NOT represent the citizens of this country, does not uphold the Constitution, does not protect us from drug and human smugglers like Davila.

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