Saturday, February 03, 2007

OTM Need Not Apply

Last month's employment figures are out, and Dr. Edwin S. Rubenstein's analysis tells the story most of the media gave a miss.

First, new employment was a mere 55% of what we need to add each month just to keep pace with our growing native-born population. The Boomlets (aka Boom Echo) born in the 1980's are flooding the job market - long before their parents can consider retiring and handing down their jobs. We need to create 180,000-200,000 NET new jobs per month just to launch three-fifths of the Americans born a couple decades ago into the workforce. That's just for native-born citizens, and assumes ZERO immigration (legal or illegal).

Remember, we've been churning out over 4 million babies a year since the early 1980's, and we need enough net new job growth to put half or more of them to work as they leave/graduate from school/college.

Last month, analysts expected 170,000 new jobs - a bit less than the minimum required - and got 110,000.

But Ed Rubenstein finds the household survey - a different, and usually more enlightening data collection method - tells a bleaker story. The household survey shows 31,000 new jobs, but Hispanics (over half of which are new immigrants, almost exclusively illegal) gained 90,000 jobs while other-than-Hispanics lost 59,000. Hispanics not only took all of the new jobs created, but also twice as many more from existing - American - jobholders.

Meanwhile, all those new American-born entrants to the workforce are not counted in the unemployment statistics until they have worked long enough to qualify for unemployment, typically 26 weeks of work. And due to time-lags in data collection and the vagaries of unemployment eligibility rules, statistics can run about a year behind. This is among the reasons the household survey is often considered more accurate than grosser Labor Department figures.

If you're American, anything other than Hispanic, it appears you need not apply for the jobs available. You are being replaced with cheaper, tax- and insurance-free, illegal aliens.


Blogger Daisnte said...

Three of my neighbors (in an 18 unit apt bldg) lost their jobs to illegal aliens within less than 6 months. One was a carpenter (20 yrs experience), a roofer (10+ years experience), and a certified auto mechanic.

The "helper-trainee" was too incompetent to stock tires on a rack. Two days after the mechanic's boss booted him out & replaced him with the "trainee" (illegal Mexican), the illegal failed to do an oil change properly on a Mercedes; the engine blew and the boss got sued for a new Mercedes.

"Cheap" illegal alien labor is not worth the peanuts they're paid. But meanwhile, Americans lose halfway-decent jobs to thugs and idiots.

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