Thursday, February 22, 2007

Revoke Licenses of Discriminatory Taxi Drivers

There has been a worldwide public outcry over the Somali muslim taxi drivers who refuse to pick up passengers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN) airport.

Claiming it is "against their religion" to transport certain people, taxi drivers have left passengers stranded for an hour or more until a non-muslim driver came along. Those stranded include anyone suspected of carrying liquor in their baggage, and those with dogs - even seeing eye dogs for the blind and other companion/service animals for the disabled.

These drivers should have their licenses revoked for discrimination against members of the public. Stranding passengers - tourists from around the world, business people, locals returning home - at an airport any hour or the day or night is totally unacceptable behavior. "Religion" is no excuse for endangering disabled people's safety and welfare, or discriminating against anyone. Those who want a license to drive a cab must not discriminate in any way against any member of the public who is willing and able to pay for their services.

All those opposed to application of the Shari‘a (islamic law) in the United States need to make their views heard in Minnesota. You can do this in either of two ways.

In writing: MAC is asking for “input from the public” through Friday, March 2, 2007, before it makes a decision on the proposed increase in penalties. Written comments should be addressed to:

Landside Operations Department
Metropolitan Airports Commission
MSP International Airport/Lindbergh Terminal
4300 Glumack Drive Suite LT-3129B
Saint Paul, MN 55111-3010.

In person: For those living in the Twin Cities area, MAC will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, February 27, 2007, at 2 p.m., to solicit testimony from the public via verbal or written testimony. The location will be at:
Ramada Mall of America (formerly, the Thunderbird Hotel)
2300 East American Boulevard
Bloomington, Minnesota

Ensure anti-discrimination laws of the US are upheld for public transportation. Demand that any taxi driver who refuses to pick up a passenger at the airport have his license revoked. No exceptions, no excuses.

Those taxi drivers who are not willing to transport any member of the public should not have a license. Let them find another occupation more to their liking.


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