Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Taxi Drivers Demand We Tolerate Their Intolerance

The Somali taxi drivers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport spoke out at the commission meeting last night demanding "tolerance" for their discriminatory and intolerant behavior. Basically, if the commission - and passengers - refuse to accede to their demands, we are discriminatory and intolerant of their intolerance. Crazy, convoluted thinking.

“Our stance is first come, first served,” said airport director Steve Wareham. “The message is if you want to drive a taxicab at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, you will serve all customers.”

Many cabbies disagreed, saying that the proposal denies them the right to freely practice their religion. “This is discrimination,” proclaimed Ahmed Shine, a taxi driver for seven years.
Abdifatah Abdi, who said he was speaking for an association of cabdrivers, said the commissioners “will be judged on your decision.”

“You are deciding the livelihood of 600 drivers and their families,” Abdi said. “Say no to discrimination. Say yes to justice for the weak.”

Refusing to serve disabled passengers who require the services of guide dogs, gays, and people believed to be carrying liquor has been going on for months, eliciting outrage from around the world. Yet if we insist that these intolerant, discriminatory acts are stopped, the taxi drivers threaten us? Call us names?

If they refuse to obey our laws and public service regulations, pull their licenses! These victimizers' ploy of playing victim cannot stand. They agreed to abide by the laws and regulations when they applied for a license. To go back on that agreement now is the height of bad faith. What's their next ploy in the Muslim American Society's game plan? Stopping the cab and letting the meter run (while the passenger is stuck at the side of the road) while the cabbie goes off to "pray?"

They can freely worship as they choose, and if their religion supposedly "prohibits" doing the job, get a different job.

We must stand united and say, "First come, first served. No discrimination in public transport services, and if you are unwilling to abide by those rules, get another job that meets your preferences."

Singapore bans spitting and chewing gum. If chewing gum is more important to you than obeying Singapore's laws out of respect for Singaporeans' right to make their own laws, don't visit Singapore. For that matter, anyone who comes to this country must abide by our laws. If our laws don't suit them, go home or go elsewhere. It's a matter of respect. And out of respect for ourselves, our principles, our laws, we must stand up for ourselves. Stop this nonsense!


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Blogger Americannotperfect said...

Well no hasserl loans needs to go elsewhere too.

All people in this country need to abide by the laws, I would go to jail if I acted this way...but then again my family has fought in every war since the revolution and we are not deserving of the rights they gave so much for, these battles were fought for illegals and people who do not want to tolerate...wipe out...anyone that is not of their faith...great, and what is the problem with dogs? These people come from countries where they sleep beside sheep..the dumbest creatures on earth..smelly and worthless too.

3:36 PM  
Blogger John Long said...

I would slap the hell out of one of those somali monkeys if the tried too pray while the meter was running. These monkeys should be lucky too live in the USA. Im tired of these muzlem terrorist trying too have their way here. If you dont like the usa then go back too youre smelly war torn crappy country

9:05 PM  

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